Statistics show that 98% of people watch between three to five hours of TV per day. Some people even have to fall asleep while watching TV, which is deadly to your spirit especially if it’s the news or some other type of negative program. Many of you know my feelings about television. I believe it is a complete waste of time.

However, there is one show that I do watch called The Deadliest Catch. I recommend this show for one reason and one reason only...To see the price people are willing to pay, because there is a financial reward at the end of the incredible deadly journey. The Deadliest Catch is about crab fishermen in the Bering Sea of Alaska. They battle... - Tremendous Ocean Waves - Below Freezing Temperatures - 18 to 24 Hour Work Shifts

- Sleep Deprivation - Deadly Work Conditions The physical price that these men will pay is incredible, because they know there is potential to earn a significant monetary reward at the end of the crab fishing season. As for the rest of us, we are in a challenging success race on a daily basis. I say race because you start working towards your success goal, initiate it everyday and focus on the finish line. The sad statistic is that 97% of people die mentally and sometimes physically along the way and simply give up on their dreams. The challenge is your mental stress that drags you down. Most of you won't pay this physical and emotional price to get through that.

In The Deadliest Catch, they pay the physical and mental price for just one reward at the end of a very long hard season. The reason that it is called The Deadliest Catch is because every season men die. Yes, lives are lost in the pursuit of a reward. That's right, every year men lose their lives in the crab fishing season either due to the cold weather, ice storms or falling overboard. Yet in the success game, many people will not pay the price of success, because of fear and indecision. That’s why most people end up dead or dead broke by the age of sixty-five. Guess what? You will not physically die from fear or indecision. The things that are holding you back from success will not physically kill you. Here’s something for you to think about… Why are the men on The Deadliest Catch willing to pay the price over the short period of time during crab fishing season for a financial reward, but most people in the success arena are not willing to pay the price over a long period of time for freedom in every area of their life?

I challenge you to watch The Deadliest Catch and witness the life threatening price that these men pay. Then ask yourself…“Am I willing to pay the price mentally and physically to achieve my Why in life?”

I believe you are. Go for it! Commit to it! Live your dream! Realize that you are never going to die, because of the mental challenges you may face on your success journey. I can honestly say that I would probably die within the first twenty-four hours on a crab boat yet for the last sixteen years I have been stretching and growing in success process and haven’t broken a bone or suffered an injury.

Go for it! Live your dream! Remember, you will live not physically die on your success journey, but your Why in life will die if you quit!

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John was a clinically diagnosed stutterer, who went on to build a huge business and become an International Motivational Speaker. He shocks millions globally by exposing the truth about how to achieve monumental life success despite the labels that society has placed on you. Through his award winning live seminars, power-packed training programs, live tele-classes, and websites, and LifeStyle Freedom Club, John Di Lemme has made success a reality for thousands of people worldwide.

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