How many times have you heard about the Hidden Laws of Attraction and The Secrets of Deliberate Creation, but still never found out what they are? The truth of the matter is that the Laws of Attraction are always at work, but no one ever really breaks the laws down so that they make sense.

There are 11 Primary Hidden Laws of Attraction and the first 6 of those laws are the Secret of Deliberate Creation. Let’s look at the first 6 Laws one at a time and I’ll give you some tips on how to get them working for you now. The 5 remaining laws are The Secret to Continued Deliberate Creation which I’ll discuss in the next article.

1st Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Vibration

Your energy vibration level attracts similar levels of vibration. What state are you in; positive or negative? Change your state and change what you attract.

2nd Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Intention

If you don’t know what you want you won’t attract anything specific. Do you know what you want? Get specific, write it down, what does it feel like, look like etc. Use all of your senses, surround yourself with images.

3rd Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Purpose

It isn’t enough to know what you want; you have to know why you want it. What is the purpose for the things you want? What will the things you desire do for you, your friends and loved ones, the world? Knowing what you want is your vision, knowing why is what fuels your vision.

4th Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Singular Focus

You must have singular focus. If the ultimate vision of what you want involves many steps, what is the first step? Identify the first step and make that your singular focus. Once you have achieved that goal, refocus to the next step and so on. When you go into a restaurant, you look at the menu and decide what you want to order. You order your drink and then your appetizer, then your main course and then the dessert. Once you have placed your order you don’t keep calling the waiter back and changing what you want…if you did that you would never get any food. It is the same with creating the life you desire.

5th Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Inspired Action

Once you are clear on what you want, why you want it and have your singular focus, and then it is time for action. This is important, you don’t want to take just any action; you want to take inspired action. Most people start with action and then try to figure out what they want. That’s the absolute reverse of how it works…you will know what the right action is when you have taken the time with the first 4 hidden laws of attraction, then you have to take that inspired action. The idea that the law of attraction means that you just sit around and think about what you want and it comes to you is not true, it may come to you, but it will go right by you if you don’t take inspired action.

6th Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Momentum

Once you start taking inspired action the law of momentum will increase your efforts exponentially. Don’t concern yourself with trying to change your life over night. 1 step of inspired action a day will create such a snowball of momentum that will be more than enough to bring you all of your desires and more.

The first 6 hidden laws of attraction are the Secret of Deliberate Creation; the final 5 laws are the Secret of Continued Deliberate Creation which is the next level. I’ll tell you all about the final 5 laws in my next article.

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