When setting goals to get us to where we want to be in life it is so important that we always honor our core values in all we do.

WHAT ARE CORE VALUES? Firstly values are the things in life which are most important to you but core values go even deeper still. These are the qualities and characteristics that you hold dear to you. The characteristics and qualities you wish to embody in everything you do e.g. honesty, compassion, integrity, courage, loving, sincerity,caring.

Every day we read about people and companies who lose sight of their core values and get themselves into a lot of trouble. I know personally when I have gone against my core values I have really struggled with my life. However when I honor my core values in all I do I feel really good inside, I know I am being true to myself and life just flows. Does this sound familiar to you?

HOW DO I FIND OUT WHAT MY CORE VALUES ARE? Grab a pen and paper right now. Write down 6 of the personal traits and characteristics that are important to you e.g. sincerity, honesty,loving, compassion.

Next I want you to think of at least 2 people you admire (living or past). They could be someone close to you or someone whom you never met but what they stand for really resonates with you e.g. Gandhi,Nelson Mandela, Richard Brandson. Ask yourself what characteristics and qualities does this person represent to me. Now write down 6 qualities and characteristics of these people you admire.

Finally lets look at both lists - your values and the values of the people you admire and I want you to pick the top 3 from both lists.

You now have a list of your 6 core values. Remember to honor your Core Values in everything you do, when you do your life will flow!

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne McKenna is a Certified Executive Coach, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She has spent over 17 years in the corporate world working in many industries primarily as an IT Consultant and in later years as a Senior Project Manager.

In her own life Suzanne has already realised many of her own dreams and is now on route to achieving even more. To read more about Suzanne and her personal journey visit http://www.suzannemckenna.com/about-suzanne/