The days of selling are over. We can no longer afford it, neither financially nor personally.

It is time to take a trip to the Land of In-Between. The old times of spiritual escapism - leaving the family, leaving the "world" - no longer serve. The newer times of immersing oneself so completely in worldly pursuits and feeling torn apart by one's twin natures, must be come to terms with, and left behind also. How, then, do we live - make money - "earn" a living?

The answer is an old expression, but it's true, and important to hear now and to understand: we must live from our hearts.

What this means, simply, is living just a little bit more every day from the kind of childlike hopefulness that, if we were lucky, we experienced as children. And if we didn't, we need the faith in ourselves, or in whatever gives us strength, to walk forward with a little bit more openness to possibilities every day. Because the fact is that we are not our bodies. And I feel that I can prove that to you with one sentence: if you were your body - if you had control and dominion over that set of organs - would you ever leave it?

And yet you are powerless. Why?

It must be something beyond the body, then, and that has to be something "other"; something like spirit, or God, or universe. It truly doesn't matter what you call it.

But to operate from that understanding in your daily interactions shifts those interactions. It shifts YOU - your attitudes, your reactions, and your enjoyment of the EXPERIENCE of your life.

I know what I'm talking about. I've been a driven person all of my life - ego driven, goal driven, perfectionism driven. Lately, however, I've learned to see things from a different perspective, and I am being supported in that pursuit.

Here is what supported me this evening: something a new friend on Facebook sent me. I urge you to look it up. If you do not resonate with the message, never mind that. But the music alone is a voice of God, if you will, and is heart-opening.

Imaging having that kind of emotion in you as you went through your days as a professional, marketing products, or selling to people. There would *be* no selling. There would only be sharing. Mutual helpfulness would break out, and fear would diminish little by little by little until one day, suddenly, we would realize that we were living so much of our lives in love that even our businesses were filled with a softness that allowed for all of life's abundance to flow through.

This is my prayer for myself, for us, and for our planet. That kind of peace. The kind of peace borne of sweet passion rather than angry passion; abundant creativity rather than greedy creativity.

Embracing our natural abundance and our just-as-natural desire - in moments when we are released from fear - to help, to love, to embrace, to uplift.

Blessings -


Author's Bio: 

Lori Kirstein is an actress and entrepreneur, and is about to launch a podcast about the new earthly, spiritual and working paradigms that are causing radical, beautiful shifts in us and around us.