One thing which is certain is that, there will always be a buffer of time in our physical dimension. But one can certainly speed up the process of creation of something by deliberately giving ones undivided focus & attention to the essence of that which one wants to manifest in one’s life experience.

Instead of observing the things as they are, see things as you want them to be. Einstein once said, if you keep doing the same things, you will continue to get the same results. To change the quality of output you must change the quality of your input. In the computer world, it’s called the GIGO principle – Garbage In Garbage Out.
You must disregard how things are, how people perceive you, what they think of you & give more of your undivided attention & focus on how YOU prefer the world to be. With practice, you will begin to gradually improve your point of attraction & thereby change your world & your life.

Do not live on auto pilot thereby creating your life experience by default. Sometimes I feel that most people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them!!! Become a deliberate creator of your life experience by focusing only on that which you wish to see in your life & not on how your life appears to be on the surface.

You are the masterpiece of your own life. The life that you are living is totally a product of your own creation. When you give your thoughts life, you give life to your thoughts!!!

Your object first & foremost should be to decide as to what you actually want in your life & then focus on it with full clarity. Give thought to it, so much clear thought that you begin to add positive emotional charge to your thoughts.

This will help you to attract whatever you want to bring into your own experience. You will become a powerful magnet, which attracts unto itself all those people, events, situations, circumstances & resources that resonate to the vibration of your thought.

Remember, that many of the thoughts that you will be thinking in the beginning will not be much powerful in their attracting. Also words or thoughts (a collection of words) alone do not have much attracting power.

But if you stay focussed & think for long enough, your thoughts will become more in quantity & also more in power. Powerful emotionally charged thoughts have the greatest attracting power & will speed up the process of creation. They will magnetize the speed of creation in your physical world.

I call this ‘laser-precision, crystal clear’ focus & it acts as a means of ‘getting into the flow’ wherein you become a powerful magnet so irresistible that you draw unto you all the things that you want in life easily & effortlessly.

When you can feel your thoughts, you realize them in the physical world. I sometimes call it Feelization!!! i.e. Realization of your feelings!!!

Thus, you can increase the magnetic power of a thought just by simply adding the feeling of a strong positive emotion & thinking over & over again the same feeling of strong positive emotion.

To illustrate my point further, let me remind you of the magnifying glass & the paper experiment we all used to conduct in our schooling days.

We all know that, when one holds a magnifying glass over a piece of paper, nothing will happen to the paper even if it’s facing the sun. But when one holds the same magnifying glass at a certain distance from the paper in such a way that all the rays of the sun converge through the glass onto the paper, the paper will very soon catch fire & start burning.

That’s the power of focus for you. When you focus your thoughts on a particular subject with your full attention, you activate the vibration in it & the essence of that which you are thinking manifests into your life experience.

Use your mind to form a visual image of what you want & hold on to that image with faith, purpose & positive expectation. The more focussed your faith, purpose & expectation, the faster you will attain your desires. That’s because you will only make positive impressions to the universe. You won’t be neutralizing or offsetting them by your negative impressions.

If your thoughts are dispersed, they lose their inherent potential power & do not amount to anything of much significance to you.

A point to also consider is – If you are thinking of something, which is not to your liking, it is much easier to change the direction of the flow of your thoughts in their early stages before your thoughts gather any momentum. However, it is still possible to change the direction of your thoughts at any time.

We all know at an unconscious level that thoughts gather momentum, but we have never looked at our thoughts in this way consciously. It’s an amazing fact, isn’t it? When you know the attracting power of your thoughts, you become an intentional creator of your life experience.

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Amit Desai is an Author & Keynote Speaker on The Law of Attraction, Prosperity Catalyst & Trainer

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