What is The Law of Correspondence?

Well, the Law of Correspondence states that the quality of your experience of life directly correspondence with the quality of thoughts held in your mind- the conscious, the sub-conscious and super-conscious.

What does this mean exactly? Well, your beliefs both the ones you hold on a conscious level and the ones that you have on a subconscious level - (the beliefs you don't know about that are buried) create your life.

If you are consciously walking around telling yourself that your life is miserable and that you're just not smart enough or good enough, you will create misery and an environment where you feel inferior.

Many times people are not aware of negative beliefs in their subconscious mind; however they are aware that they are not as successful as they desire to be. Hypnosis can help uncover negative beliefs at a subconscious level and help to amend them.

For example, if during your elementary school years or perhaps during another time in your life you were called upon to get up and speak in front of the class or audience and perhaps you fumbled and made a mistake and you became embarrassed in front of a group of people; for some people, not all, that could cause of fear of public speaking. With hypnosis we can help to neutralize and amend that old memory and change the feelings associate to that event.

For an improved quality of life, improve the quality of your thoughts and beliefs.

Read the above line again- it's so important!

One way to improve your life instantly is to start a gratitude list. Every morning write down and think about five things you are grateful for and really get in touch with those good feelings. Research has proven this to be effective method in helping people that are having feelings of depression.

For continued personal growth and development hypnosis can help. Hypnosis can help you improve your self-confidence, relieve stress and anxiety, eliminate or dim down pain and accelerate healing. It also can help you stop smoking, and lose weight.

Mindy Ash, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and the owner of Hawaii Hypnosis Center.
For more information she can be contacted at 808- 221-7353.

Wishing you health, wealth and love.

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Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of Hawaii Hypnosis Center. Ms. As is certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners which is the world's largest and most respected certifying board.