You know, being a millionaire and creating wealth is not the be all and end all. But having a millionaire mind and financial independence is a helluva lot more fun than having a poverty mindset and being broke! And it will give you the freedom to live the life you want to live...on your terms! Can you do so without money? Maybe! But it’s gonna be a heck of a lot more difficult, if not impossible, and you’ll end up compromising! So, read on to find out how you too can develop the millionaire mind.

Every successful person in life knows this one important lesson: You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to. Conforming to other peoples’ expectations is in a nutshell a recipe for a humdrum, boring and mediocre life. In order to become a millionaire you must have developed ‘the millionaire mind’ and this means thinking and behaving in a way that’s good for you! So, expect to upset some family, so-called friends and even a few institutions along the way!”

There is Science to Getting Rich
In the book, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D. Wattles, the central argument is that it’s not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless you are rich. The idea being that you can’t unfold your true potential and experience all that life has to offer if you are poor. Well, you have to ask yourself ‘Do you agree with this idea’? If you don’t, then you are, regrettably, destined never to fulfil your potential and always be poor! Why? Because you will unconsciously be accepting people, ideas, and circumstances into your life that will take you off the road to wealth and fulfilment. Don’t get me wrong, you can still lead a good life if you are not rich. However, there’s no nobility in poverty. When you are rich you can help those who are less fortunate; by being a source of inspiration and giving opportunity.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
Wealth is a result...and more than any other thing it is a result of your mindset. Having the right mindset is the key to developing the millionaire mind. Unfortunately, conventional systems and institutions unwittingly teach us to go to school, then university, get a job, and get married, etc., without ever showing us how to develop our minds to their full potential. If you merely follow the system you will unlikely have developed the right mindset to achieve your full potential and create lasting wealth.
Your inner world creates your outer world. Creating wealth is firstly an inner game played on the playing fields of your unconscious mind. Some people are already programmed for success early in life. This can be because of their background, their parents, their education or even some life-changing event. But, if you’re not yet a successful millionaire (and it’s a good guess you’re not yet if you’re reading this) then you literally need to re-program your mind for success. How? Read on…

Mind Rehearsal

In much the same way as you’d rehearse for a sales presentation or a concert you take the same approach with your mind. You practice until your new way of thinking becomes automatic i.e. the successful outcome is imprinted on your unconscious mind so strongly that your conscious thoughts are programmed for success. You basically visualise and rehearse circumstances, feelings, places etc., in your mind in order for them to manifest. This ‘mind rehearsal’ is in my opinion the most important thing you will do in your life. You see, people think they make decisions consciously. But they don’t really. Most of the time, it is the unconscious mind that is driving our lives, controlling the so-called ‘decisions’ we make consciously. So, it’s really important that we are visualising wealth and feeling wealthy all the time in order for us to become so.

So yes, you can literally think and get rich; so long as these thoughts are imprinted on your unconscious mind and you act accordingly. There’s a lot more on this subject than I can cover right now in this one article. But if there was one ‘take home’ from this, then it’s to fully understand that decisions in our lives are largely made at an unconscious level. These thoughts lead to feelings, these feelings lead to actions, and these actions lead to results!

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