Is there something holding you back from fulfilling relationships, health, career or prosperity? If so, there is an easy way to find out what is blocking your progress. Anyone can change their life through the use the pendulum and Spiritual Response Technique (SRT). This precise system is a very practical way to identify and clear issues or challenges that come our way. Prosperity increases, relationships become empowered and careers are clarified.

In comparison to traditional therapy, SRT is quicker and more revealing in discovering core issues. Some people have experienced years of therapy with no resolution to specific issues while one session can reveal the root cause of a challenge. When the root cause is identified, wounds from the past are released. Difficult relationships can heal through improved communication. Inner stress is released from unresolved or daily life issues.

Positive statements and affirmations will not work if there is a belief in the subconscious blocking it. SRT uses the pendulum to work with the subconscious mind to find out what limited beliefs and perceptions are held in the mind. Through using this process, one can discover when these limited beliefs were established (present or past life), who it was learned from, and why it was chosen to be accepted. Once these beliefs are identified and the SRT clearing process is complete, the energy of the challenge is released. Now the subconscious mind is open to receive positive statements. The subconscious and the conscious mind are now aligned to achieve the goals that one has intended to manifest.

The existence of a mental or an emotional block can cause the body to create illness or physical challenges. SRT can identify the blocked energy and release it so that the mind and body are open to the healing process.

Aligning with the power of the Higher Self and using the pendulum with SRT, creates a dynamic combination for personal transformation.

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Life Solutions was founded by Shakti Wilson. Coaching and teaching since 1991. Shakti is a Certified Teacher and Minister of Spiritual Response Technique(SRT), a consultant, an Emotional Release Therapist, a Reiki Therapist and holds a BA in Sociology. Her background includes studies in life coaching, meditation and metaphysics. Through her private consultations and workshops, Shakti coaches individuals to recognize their own potential and achieve their life goals.

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