There seems to exist an amazing "something" or mysterious form of energy in nature called "prana" by most yogic traditions and "chi" by certain eastern philosophies. Yogis and mystics have been aware of some rather sublime facts of nature long before western science ever acknowledged such things. Today, only the frontier scientists and physicists seem to acknowledge the existence of finer forms of matter not detected in the atom smasher, which may in fact be the basic building blocks of the finest atomic particles.

The next great frontier of science, parapsychology and medicine for ages to come may very well be the study, mastery and use of this fascinating substance. It is possible that the study of prana could open up whole new realms, higher dimensions of consciousness, and all kinds of awesome possibilities.

Prana is a substance so fine that it could very well be considered the same thing as the theoretical "virtual particle" constantly flashing in an out of existence in the form of an entrance way to a mini wormhole. The entire time-space continuum could be made up of an infinite number of these ultra fine wormholes or direct routes to other parts of the universe that minute amounts of energy can be transferred to. They are not actual wormholes, but "routes" through which virtual packets of energy transmit to other locations in space and time without actually taking up any time, energy or space to get there.

Prana can easily be considered a very general term for a whole conglomeration of all kinds of extremely minute, ultra fine particles and subtle forms of energy such as electron spin, light photons, quarks, neutrinos, and especially those particles that are at the very threshold of existence yet having some sort of life enhancing or life supporting effect. Even though most of these particles may barely exist, these ghost like particles of energy are so ubiquitous and so vast in number, and filling up all of space, that altogether, they can represent an extremely powerful force to be seriously reckoned with. Prana may even include or make up or be the very "essence" of space itself, or that "something" in space that transmits electromagnetic waves. I do not want to say "ether" but rather that geometric property of space itself so perfectly suited for carrying electromagnetic waves at no faster than 186,282.4 miles per second, the only constant in a universe of ever changing relative values. The ability of space to transmit energy proves that even the purest form of empty space is really just an infinite number of virtual (potential) waves/particles all packed together. These particles only exist as much as some form of energy (such as a light wave/photon) can activate them. The widely known principle of the wave/particle duality of light also exists in space as the virtual particle existing as a positive wave/particle one moment and then as a negative wave/particle the next. Experiments have been set up to prove that virtual particles do exist, however absolutely subtle they may be.

Scientific observations of gravitational phenomena throughout the universe seem to point out that there has to be an abundance of what physicists and cosmologists call "dark matter". They can only theorize as to what this dark matter must consist of which seems to be actually slowing down the very expansion of the universe! Only 10 percent of the universe is visible matter. In other words only 10 percent of the universe produces enough detectable radiation in the radio, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, gamma, x-ray and cosmic ray frequencies to be measured. Yet the other 90 percent (which must be there because the monitoring of the gravitational behavior of galaxies seem to show that it is present) remains undetectable and invisible, leaving cosmologists, astronomers and physicists wondering what it is.

I could safely say that at least 50% of this dark matter must be particles of energy so minute, so refined that there is no category for them except as "ghost" particles or "virtual" particles so subtle that, according to quantum physicists, they are constantly blinking in an out of existence with each one perhaps reappearing then disappearing and perhaps transferring energy into some other location of the universe.

Such particles are so ultra fine that it has been postulated that these packets of energy may be very much affected by how they are observed. In other words, it may be impossible to observe these particles objectively. Each observation or experiment to either detect the location of or measure their speed and amount of mass or energy would result in widely varying data. It has been theorized that even one's state of mind or consciousness could effect the behavior and manifestation of these particles. Could these particles be the medium used by spiritual adepts to convey and pick up information from a distance as in the form of telepathy, remote viewing or clairvoyance?

Personal Experiences with Prana Leave Me Spellbound

I wouldn't bother writing about this subject if I had not experienced some of the strange effects of prana myself. Because I have firsthand experience with prana and how it behaves, I can assure you that it indeed does exist or that there is at least "something" out there that seems to defy all logical physical explanations.

Any person can have an experience with prana. Every time one has a positive experience with nature, say a pleasant walk along the beach, and especially a hike through a misty forest, there seems to be some sort of uplifting thrill in the air; there seems to be some kind of electricity in the atmosphere that even regular static electricity could not account for. Windstorms, rainstorms, waterfalls, and huge trees all seem to generate more than average quantities of this amazing energy. Hurricanes generate SO MUCH prana that there are people, even though they fully understand just how dangerous they can be, are willing to risk their lives to get that incredible thrill from the massive amounts of raw energy that hurricanes can generate. Even animals and people can transmit this energy either as waves of thought or emotion or simply by being present in the same room.

Tectonic activity itself can be a vast source of prana which is not surprising to me because during an earthquake or when there is sudden pressure on vast amounts of quartz and other silicon based material, electrons in vast quantities are released. If it were just the electrons, there wouldn't be much to report except for extremely rare flashes of lightning and ball lightning near or around a fault during its slippage. However, even vaster numbers of much finer particles or some sort of energy must be transmitted much further into space from the epicenter, because I have actually felt this effect immediately before and during an earthquake. Animals have also been known to be quite sensitive to the effects of a coming earthquake long before it actually happens. They get excited, agitated, and dogs are known to start barking quite wildly up to several hours before before an earthquake actually hits. I know this to be true because I have experienced that very same sense of excitement and agitation right before an earthquake myself. Either I am an animal of some kind that is somehow able to write this document or a very sensitive human being.

There is no limit to what can generate or emit vast amounts of prana. I have even noticed an upsurge of prana along busy roadways and freeways. What may seem very funny is that one time I happened to walk by a parked carpet cleaning truck during the time its compressor was operating while a carpet in one of our offices was being cleaned. WOW! the energy nearly knocked me over and could not stand too closely to it otherwise I would pass out from too much of that "shakti" or prana that seemed to be pouring out of it in such concentration and abundance.

I performed many experiments with prana. Back in the late 80's, I set my tent out in my dad's backyard and noticed that when it rained the water splashing against my tent would produce an amazingly tranquil and very pleasant effect. I liked it so much, that during the time there is no rain, I often felt quite tempted to just set up a hose so that it would spray a fine mist into the air which would precipitate as rain drops on my tent while I sat inside and meditated. Of course, if you want to try the same experiment, I don't advise using a tent that is not waterproof. I often noticed the same effect coming from the roof of a house during a cloudburst.

In July of 2006 I was initiated into an advanced technique of yoga by a master guru. The force of prana from this guru was so powerful it took three days for the rather debilitating effects of an overwhelming blast (blessing) of prana to wear off! I was not able to sleep at night because whenever I tried to sleep, my mind, body and consciousness was so infused with energy that I felt like I was floating in a vast space, which, quite frankly, terrified me, so I could not sleep until past three in the morning. At the time I was still suffering from anxiety disorder and therefore too sensitive to any changes within my self. I was not taking enough supplements and herbs, and was on a 100% vegetarian diet. I therefore have no doubt whatsoever that prana or effects like prana do actually exist in nature and that humans can carry and transmit this awesome power.

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