Some Simple Pranic Collection Devices and Possible Experiments Revealing Strange Properties of Prana

While traveling at high speeds either by car, train, speedboat, and plane in addition to the obvious sensation of acceleration and deceleration there is, quite noticeable, some sort of uplifting thrill of being alive especially where there is the closest contact and maximum friction possible with the rushing of wind and/or water. Much of this effect is caused by the friction of air and/or moisture against the boat, car or plane.

A strong positive electrical charge is often generated by this friction, but the psychological sensation cannot be entirely due to any electrical effects that may be occurring. Free electrons flying off of colliding atoms may cause some of the effect, but many other sorts of particles or some sort of energy principle of a much, much finer sort (beyond the detection ability of most sensitive equipment) may be charging up the subtler aspects of one's being, such as the energy body.

Simple experiments can be done at home and in one's backyard to demonstrate the existence of prana. Prana can be collected on clothing, towels and other such materials that have a massive surface area.

1) Dream Catcher: attach towel to a large, square, fully contained electric fan at top and securely placed by an open window. During sleep, run fan with towel not completely blocking air current but draping in front of it. (NEVER do this with a heating fan!) Sleeping with this method has contributed to some very vivid, floating dreams. Does prana increase one's ability to dream? I'm sure it does! For me personally, draping a cloth over a fan running at full speed at my bedroom window while asleep is a certain way for me to do lucid dreaming and, more importantly, to help transmute sexual energy while uplifting my emotions and spirit into a state of pure love and devotion. Also meditation, deep relaxation and ability to astral project is greatly enhanced. Prana seems to be the stuff dreams are made of! There is a definite connection between dreams and prana. This fact I know for sure; I have performed this experiment over and over, and much prefer the fan blowing into my room than without it, because l LOVE to dream.

2) Whenever I placed the end of an electric garden blower directly on my shoe, the concentrated air, coolness and vibration from the blower would penetrate right through my shoe and sock so fiercely that it would actually seem to make my foot feel absolutely etherial and extremely light. I would find this sensation extremely enjoyable, but, of course, I would make sure no one sees me do this and try not to do this too often! I usually have more important things to do! If I tried this same experiment without my shoe and sock on, it would not be nearly as effective. The intense air currents forced inside the sock and shoe would very quickly convert into a high concentration of prana, charging up the energy field in and around my foot. Without the sock and shoe, the air currents would simply pass right over my foot and very little prana would be collected. Only a slight increase in prana is noticed without the shoe and sock on. If my foot were very hairy, I would probably notice more prana collecting around my foot. Long hair can collect more prana (life force energy) than short hair. That is why some saints instinctively grow long hair.

3) Set up a plastic cover or waterproof tent. Hit surface with a fine spray at high velocity. I have noticed a slight increase in the energy level of my awareness using this method.

4) Create a metal chamber large enough to sit inside comfortably. Hit every side of the container with a sand blaster. Theoretically, the finer energies (particles?) released by the atoms of silicon and air hitting against an aluminum or iron surface would accumulate inside the container giving one a powerful "rush" or charge of energy from a source not altogether explainable by conventional science.

It is important to note that I believe the uplifting effect is from the energy of the sudden stop or friction caused by the atoms hitting the surface which may in itself be creating very minute particles or units of energy too subtle to be detected. Note the similarity between this experiment and a particle beam accelerator where particles are forced to collide into each other at nearly the speed of light. When particles collide, new particles are created directly from the mass or energy from the collision itself which is always more than the amount of mass or energy contained in the original particles themselves before they were accelerated. The faster the collision, the more mass and/or number of particles created. If somehow, a collection of particles collided at the speed of light (a nearly impossible event because it would require an infinite amount of energy), an almost infinite amount of energy and/or mass in the form of radiation and particles would be created. It would be an event very similar to the "Big Bang" as postulated in the "Big Bang" theory of creation.

However, even at very slow speeds, when particles and especially much larger clusters of particles such as atoms and molecules are forced to suddenly change direction (as in the case of the friction caused by air currents rushing against a vehicle or water currents against a vessel) is it not possible that extremely fine (undetectable) particles or units of energy are still released? Because such collisions are much, much slower the impacts would have to be vastly more abundant to create a noticeable effect. The particles created would most likely be of a huge variety with most of them lasting only for a very short time before vanishing back into space rather like the eddies created by the passing of a ship except these are quantum "eddies" in the ocean of space.

Prana is sometimes better explained as an energy principle rather than as actual particles, or some sort of energy that could be creating particles that are so fine that they cannot be detected by any conventional instrument except by the incredibly sensitive human energy field, which in itself is a source of prana.

5) Another experience of the power of prana can be had by remaining inside a car (if permitted) while going through a car wash. A sensitive person would experience quite a rush of energy as the auto runs through the cycle where it is hit on all sides by powerful streams of water followed by an intense blast of air. This rush of energy can be attributed just to the sounds and vibrations associated with going through a car wash, but it seems to be more than that.

Many years ago, while taking off in a 747, I have noticed a similar effect. Of course the sense of acceleration and becoming airborne can greatly contribute to the overall effect of exhilaration, energy, etc. I don't think travel would be nearly as popular if prana had no effect on people. Just being in a different location seems to boost one's personal level of prana quite dramatically.

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