Are you one of the thousands of entrepreneurs that believe they could be subject to declines during economic turmoil? Or are you one of the Emerging Breed of Innovative Entrepreneurs that begins to look for the opportunities you and your business could realize and how it could prosper the greater good and global economy? The fact is that in order for you to prosper you have to believe you DESERVE to prosper. If you believe you DESERVE to drown in the economic woes that the country is facing, you WILL drown. If you believe you deserve to prosper and be profitable, you can and will be prosperous.

In today's economic crisis, many businesses and people JUST LIKE YOU believe that they are destined to ride the same waves as the economy. The fact is - THIS JUST IS NOT TRUE. In order to thrive in today's economy, you have to believe you can and more importantly you have to believe that you offer something to your clients that is VALUABLE and that they NEED in order to succeed in today's tough times.

As you think about the answers to those questions, are you beginning to realize that your values and the value you bring to others is as important as the financial results that you are achieving? Are you realizing that you would feel more successful if you were not only achieving your own financial results but using those for the greater good of the global economy? Are you also thinking that the more successful you make your employees, the more that they can also contribute to the betterment of the global economy? If so, you may be in the infant stages of redefining the values you bring to a bigger sector of the population. You also may be on the verge of calling yourself a Social Entrepreneur, working against a double bottom line vs. the traditional financial bottom line.

The first step in providing a service or product to your clients that is valuable is for you to believe it is valuable. If you do not believe your product is worth the price you charge or the value that you advertise, you can't expect your clients to, right? When you started your business and established your prices, undoubtedly you thought they were fair or you would not have determined your value proposition that way. If that is the case, what changed? Just because the economy is not where it may have been when you started does NOT mean that you have to decline right along with everyone else.

In fact, how do you believe that the economy improves? Are you waiting on the politicians to make everything better? Don't hold your breath. They can't do it alone - thriving businesses are what will help the economy and if you believe, like so many others, that you do not deserve to prosper you will personally be perpetuating the current state of the economy.

How would you like to KNOW that in 8 short weeks, you will be on the road to guaranteed financial success, regardless of the economic state? Do you want to know with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE that you are providing a VALUABLE service or product to your clients at a FAIR and PROFITABLE price? If you could develop a mindset that guaranteed you financial freedom and prosperity, would you be willing to invest in that guarantee?

Universal Wisdom Principals have spoken of the fact that you have to believe you are worth being prosperous and only at that point will you become prosperous. You have to believe that you have a valuable product or service and believe in its worth before you can realize your full potential. It's just that simple.

The fact is that in times like today, many people believe that they do not deserve to be prosperous and successful if other people are not. That is JUST NOT TRUE. Everyone has a choice to make and EVERYONE has the power to make the RIGHT CHOICE. With 8 SHORT weeks of coaching, you WILL BELIEVE you deserve SUCCESS and you WILL know how to obtain that success that is WITHIN YOUR REACH!

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Sue Stebbins aka 'The Maven of Accelerated Results'is the #1 Accelerated Breakthrough Business Coach for world's Leading Experts, Business Owners, and Career Transitioners, who want to Powerfully And Quickly Gain the Clarity and Proven Innovation Strategies they need to Transform their Business, Income, and Fulfillment. She can be reached toll free at 866.731.7344 or online at