The truth of the matter is that there are those that are born with the natural ability to sell. As a sales trainer I have come to realise and accept this but I also had to accept that I unfortunately was not one of those people. I have had to work hard and realise that I did need an extra step in the right direction in sales training. My biggest lesson was to realise that it is not a sin to make a profit.

I started to change my way of thinking and believe that if something is humanely possible then I must consider it to be within my reach. There are some methods and practices that I have followed through sales training courses to improve my sales to get the best out my abilities and lead to better success in my earnings.

It was time to stop dabbling in sales and make a commitment to start taking my self and my career seriously, to make a positive, effective change in my sales. It was time to look at what areas I needed to concentrate on improving and studying each week to enhance my overall sales performances.

The areas that I have come to comprehend are significant to enhance my sales techniques are as follows;

1. Appearances. If you are a lawyer you will not present your case in combats and a t-shirt. If you are a beauty therapist you will not work with messy nails or patchy fake tan. Practice what you preach. You are a trained professional so look like one and act like one and stand up proud because you have worked hard to be here. In a study I read recently poor first impressions account for more loss in sales than all other reasons combined.

2. Attitudes. We are all born with the ability to feel an array of emotions and we are all born with the ability to show these emotions. Your potential prospect does not need to know any negative feelings that you are or have been feeling. Transfer these negative feelings to ones of enthusiasm and excitement so that you appear confident and positive.

3. Compliment. No one can deny that they do not like getting compliments, sure you may be a bit embarrassed but it makes a difference. However always be genuine because most people can tell when you are lying.

4. You are in Control. Always remember that you are the sales person and in full control of what you earn. As a sales training course provider I explain to my clients that there is always something that can be done to increase your income and therefore your living standards. The sooner that you sharpen your strategies and abilities the faster you will see changes for the better.

In my view the ultimate key to sales training is to remember that time is valuable. You must make the most out of your day. Ask yourself are you doing the most productive activity right now that will help you to improve your income? If not stop what you are doing and become industrious in you sales.

Author's Bio: 

Frank O`Toole is a well respected, sought after sales training. From working in the competitive training business for many years he never ceacses to amaze his sales trainess as he produces compelling resluts evry time.