I hope I do not lose you when I tell you that Google AdWords is a great technique to try out your sales copy. There is a trick to keeping your cost low, and I am going to fill you in on what that is.

If you do this correctly it is quite precise, and easy to do.

Take your sales page from your site and rephrase it ten times, don't worry I am not saying you need to completely rewrite it, just tweek it.

Change the colors you are using, modify some of the headings, the size of the headings, some of the wording, etc. Just make a few changes each time until you have 10 unique variations of the sales page you are currently using on your web site.

Add all of these pages to your web site, so now you have ten unique pages to send visitors to.

Now setup your adwords account with Google, and create a different campaign driving visitors to every one of your unique sales pages.

Bottom line the one with the most visitors converting into sales wins as your new sales page for your web site.

By doing things this way it will be easy to understand what works the best and you should convert enough visitors into paying customers to pay for the cost of the adwords campaign (which Google won't charge you for until the end of the month).

You can then keep repeating this method, keeping notes as you go so you don't end up testing the same thing over and over again. Each time you do this system, you will hone in your ability just a little more.

Next thing you know you are becoming a specialist sales page copywriter, and know practically to write copy for any product you care to market. Which will only improve the money you are making, and that is the name of the game.

At this position you should be able to also compose copy for others, testing things out as you go by means of this practice.

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