There is one way to be sure that you will not succeed as an entrepreneur: Engage in limiting thoughts such as “No I can’t”, “I’m not ready”, “This isn’t going to work”.

If you truly desire to succeed in the world of being self-employed you must make overcoming lower-level energies a priority and consciously choose to step into higher-level energies - consistently. You don’t want to wait for higher energy to be brought to you in the form of a new client or more income – you step into the energy first.

So how do you do that?

First, you want to recognize that it is natural to put limitations for yourself by believing that you can or cannot do something in your business or how things should or should not happen in our business. This is human. Believing that things in your business need to look a certain way or be “all together” before you move forward is a form of protection.

Second, recognize that this protection is not true. If for some reason what you need to move to the next level (whatever that is for you) is not fully together this is no reason to say, “Oh my gosh, this isn’t going to work; I don’t have it together; I don’t know what to say; I don’t have anything to offer these people; I should just let this go; too much time is going to pass; I don’t want to bother people; I really screwed up; How am I going to keep the energy moving … and on and on …”

Third, understand there is NEVER a True reason to go into limiting thoughts or beliefs. Those kinds of energies come up to the surface and cause a heavy feeling that weigh you down and slow you down. And you feel this heaviness in your heart and so you think, “Oh, this must mean I’m not supposed to do this.” But this “protection” is a mask for procrastination.

Fourth, write this down: The true definition of a miracle is a change in perception; A willingness to see it differently. This is Energy Management. Ask yourself what doesn’t feel right in your business and how are you allowing limitations to drive you? The KEY is to open up to miracles by asking yourself, “What Can I create?” and “How CAN I?”

Finally, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get what you want right away from, say, a marketing campaign that you launched or the creation of a new program … Instead list why things didn’t go as planned and then create a list of what was successful about it. Stop and really recognize this. Then from here - take inspired actions!

This is how you can seriously shift a belief and begin to re-direct the course of your business and your life.

This quote was sent to me the other day by a client who recognized she was limiting herself: “God never said that the road wasn’t going to be bumpy but he did promise an incredible ride”. So true. No one is promised a smooth ride but believe me an inspirational journey is guaranteed if you choose to constantly be willing to change your perspective.

It’s this one powerful shift that will move you from sabotage to success.

Your Call-to-Action:

1. Recognize that it is natural to try to limit yourself; it’s a form of protection. Release judgment. Allow this habitual action to be ok.

2. Recognize this protection is not true protection. It is a form of procrastination.

3. Remember: the true definition of a miracle is a shift in perception.

4. Release judgment if something in your business doesn’t go how you planned.

5. Write a list of what worked and what didn’t and move into action to create what’s next!

6. Turn that into an outer intention.

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