Thoughts are forms. Everything physical was at first non-physical. The only way that one physical matter differs from another is in the vibrational frequency. As you think different thoughts, your mind, body and emotions react according to these thoughts and cause you to either move toward or away from your success and abundance. To explain this better, here are the 3 top secrets you can use to think your way to success and abundance.

Secret 1: Self Image.

Changing your self-image shifts your vibration. As you alter your thoughts about yourself, the inner you will begin guiding the outer you in moving toward inspirational actions and events. This is more powerful than will-power and self-discipline. Will-power and self-discipline can only last so long. Once your gremlins remind you of your true self-image that you’ve been subscribing to, “Oh, you? The Mary who was late for the company meeting and never had an appropriate outfit for parties? Nah, she’s never gonna be a successful entrepreneur!” This inner dialogue perpetuated by your self-image gremlin can shut down your deeper motivation and prevent you from moving positively toward your dreams. You don’t think about it often, but your self-image could very likely be coming from the “3-year-old you” or the “8-year-old you” when you found yourself being disappointed in the world or in the people you trusted. You have yet to recover from that hurt and the resulting low self-esteem!

Will-power and self-discipline appeal to your left brain, whereas self-Image is a total brain activity, involving not only both left and right brains but also occurring at the cellular level. When your self-image changes, your vibration changes, you then attract different people and events into your life.

When you hold the self image matching your ideal success and abundance level in life, you naturally motivate and inspire yourself toward the right actions and places to be that are in alignment with your self -image of how that new “you” would behave and show up in life and work.

Secret 2: You can guide your own thoughts.

The limitation of the physical world is that most things do not show up instantly even though the moment you think of them, they are being created. That creation is in the vibrational “escrow,” waiting for your thought vibration to match up in order to have your desires delivered.

With this knowledge, you would want to consciously guide your thoughts toward the direction you’d like your life and business to go in. Your moment-to-moment thoughts either bring you closer to the goal, or move you away from the goal. A thought that evokes positive emotions aligns you with your perfect destiny, the best you have envisioned for yourself. On the other hand, a thought that causes less desirable emotional reaction moves you farther from your vision. In this way, your thoughts are magnetic. You could “think” into challenges or obstacles or you could “think” into abundance and success. You could effectively create your life as you guide your thoughts this way.

Secret 3: Thoughts are your intuition, too.

Thoughts can come entirely from “left field,” in other words, from the analytical mind, or they can come from information provided intuitively. Your intuition is your inner wisdom that knows what’s best for you moment to moment and also in the big picture perspective. When your intuition sends guiding signals in the form of your thoughts, it is communicating to the conscious you, which understands thoughts more than the less tangible aspects of you – feelings, emotions and just that “knowing.”

The paradigm shift in your self- image, that is the creation of your thoughts matching your empowered self- image and your goals, and the use of your natural ally, your intuition, will lead you in the creation of your destiny. When you learn to master your thoughts by the combined exercises described above, your future will no long look like your past.

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Bonny is an intuitive spiritual teacher, who teaches, guides and heals hearts & souls. Her work empowers people & transforms lives with truth, compassion and beauty of human being. Her guiding principle as a spiritual teacher & healer is that we are spiritual beings having spiritual experience in a human body.

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