At the start of the new year, millions of people around the country and world are resolving to make changes in their lives for the better. Some are vowing to lose a few inches off their waist, some are changing their lifestyle habits to consider the environment, and many are looking to improve their current job situation.

While in the end, the decision to make a career move is in the hands of the individual, career coaches offer unique benefits to motivate, inspire, and enhance the skills of individuals to increase the chances of landing that life-changing position.

We've created our own list of the top career coaches on Twitter and hope you connect and follow each of them. From these tweets, you will be able to create clear goals and a success plan to accomplish them. You can attain greater job satisfaction or determine if a new career path is the right move.

These experts also provide great information on how to develop balance between work and life, increase productivity, achieve better performance reviews, enhance conflict management, become more assertive, increase self-confidence, make decisions easier, and become more self-aware

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