When our souls look back and wonder at our life experiences we see some great experiences and some traumatic experiences. As artists these experiences can mold and shape how inspiration flows through us.

The traumatic life experiences of the artist can produce a powerful creative voice or dysfunction. This is why mind development and mental transmutation from our true and authentic self is so important. Mental transmutation through mind development empowers the artist to take his or her traumatic life experiences and channel them in a way that promotes healing and inspiration to create beauty, sources of happiness, and express luminosity.

Mental transmutation through mind development invokes conscious creativity; in this manner, the artist is able to channel this conscious creativity to produce art that speaks to the heart of mankind instead of art which enables dysfunction and perpetuates the ills associated with lower energy.

As artists, we have to be careful not to just vent our pain because instead of becoming conduits for the energy of light, peace, love, happiness, and inspiration, we become conduits of pain, suffering, and despair. It is the joyful intention of each person on the path of enlightenment to spread the power of unconditional love, peace, joy, happiness, and beauty and not to perpetuate the downtrodden energy of pain, suffering, and despair.

With this knowledge, it takes a conscious effort to mentally transmute our traumatic life experiences into life-giving energy which inspires others to be an inspiration. In other words, as an artist, I should not use my pain to bring pain in your life, but I can use my painful experiences to inspire you out of your pain and give hope to that which seems hopeless.

Often times, we think that the display of dysfunction in art (whatever art form it may be) is realism. Much to the contrary, those of us on the path of enlightenment know there is only one Absolute Reality and that Absolute Reality is unconditional love, luminosity, peace, order, harmony, happiness, and well-being. With this wisdom, those of us on the path of enlightenment know that we can create our reality by channeling the power of the Absolute Reality through us; thus, creating love, luminosity, peace, happiness, joy, harmony, and well-being in our reality.

This time-space network of reality on the third dimension has patterns it cycles through which effect appearances and changes, but we can still channel the greater good from the Absolute reality and create the best life has to offer in our lives even on this plane existence. It is the artists who are demonstrators of this power to channel beauty, love, harmony, and well-being. As demonstrators of these infinite possibilities to experience the best life has to offer, we should be instruments of hope and vehicles of inspiration.

To become these vehicles of inspiration and instruments of hope, we must renew our minds and transmute the energy of traumatic life experiences for the intent and purpose to inspire and motivate others to live their best life, experience happiness, and express their infinite potential.

Your powerful creative voice is hidden behind your traumatic life experiences. You are the hope you are searching for. Allowing yourself to realize your own strength and your infinite potential will empower you to let that powerful creative voice speak and let it be heard without shame, resistance, or reserve.

Your powerful creative voice is the gift you can draw from your traumatic life experiences. When you allow this voice to speak, you will realize your strength and power as conscious creative artist and know without doubt you are not broken.

Author's Bio: 

Carmellita M. Brown, a Writer, Artist, Visionary, and Entrepreneur, is the Creative Director and Co-founder for Blue Lotus Living, LLC. You can learn more about Blue Lotus Living and Carmellita M. Brown at http://www.bluelotusliving.com