We all have the ability to make decisions that will determine the ultimate outcome and the achievement of our WHY in life! There is a very thin line between being a Winner or being a Loser. The Olympic Games are a great example of this statement. You could win a Gold Medal by beating your competitor by the tiniest one thousandth of a second! When you compare life to the Olympics, it is the same. You need to always maintain a “Winner’s Mindset” in order to attain your WHY in Life!

The following is a comparison of a Winner’s Mindset vs. a Loser’s Mindset-Where are you? Better yet, where are the people who are on your Mastermind Team?

W The loser is always part of the problem;
I The winner is always part of the answer;
N The loser always has an excuse;
N The winner always has a program;
E The loser says, “That’s not my job;”
R The winner sees an answer for every problem;

VS. The loser sees a problem for every answer;

L The winner sees a green near every sand trap;
O The loser sees two or three sand traps near every green;
S The winner says, “It may be dif?cult, but it’s possible;
E The loser says, “It may be possible, but it’s too dif?cult.”

Now you truly need to make a conscious decision to be a Winner and always maintain a Winner’s mindset in order to win the Gold Medal in YOUR life! Just like Olympian athletes, you need to train EACH AND EVERY DAY CONSISTENTLY to win your Gold Medal! The #1 training method is to continually feed your mind with top-quality mental and motivational nourishment. As you feed your mind, the winner’s mindset will start to ?ourish.

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