Women in menopause, experiencing the natural physical progress from fertility to infertility, have a lot going on inside them. The many changes experienced during this time may include internal and external challenges, as well as shifts in the way women think and feel about themselves.

Journaling is an effective way to deal with all the different sensations, thoughts, and emotions that a woman in mid-life encounters.

Therapeutic journaling can provide a woman in her 50s, who is experiencing 'the change of life,' with a way to reconnect. Reconnecting is necessary because physical symptoms such as hot flashes or night sweats – often associated with menopause – are disorienting.

Usually, the physical threat is not severe (though some women do need medical attention during this time); but the experience tips off a new understanding of the relationship between body and mind. Journaling is an outstanding method of choice for coming to terms with this new information.

For many women, just reconnecting with their bodies is new. They've been mothering, working, and putting themselves last, always taking care of others. Now, their bodies start sending signals, insistent reminders that they deserve to be nurtured, too.

Journaling is so beneficial for women in menopause because it is a direct way to dialog with your body, to have a conversation with your health, both inner and outer. The journal can become a personal therapist.

Women 'of a certain age' are going through more than one kind of change. They cope with perplexing physical changes at the same time that they become empty-nesters, and/or reach a high point in their career, and suddenly wonder what will come next. Many re-discover talents, strengths, and creativity through their journaling processes.

Whatever our previous path, it's likely we've been led down many a detour since being born all those decades ago. The mid-life encounter that greets every woman is an opportunity to reconnect with native gifts.

However, paying significant attention to themselves, let alone talking about themselves at any length, seems strange to some women. But self-care is often the most unselfish thing you can do.

By taking good care of her self, a woman in mid-life creates an abundance that overflows to others. To many women in mid-life, this is an entirely new concept.

Journaling helps guide mature women through the epiphanies and transformations of the aging process. A regular practice of journal writing brings surprising answers from the body's brain center, and rejuvenates, orders, and calms both internally and externally.

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