What makes your day a great day? When you get an unexpected visit from that special someone, when pleasant surprises happen, or when serendipitous moments occur, things are great! How do you have a great day when you feel stressed, when activities become routine and mundane, or when your life feels mediocre and insignificant?

When you discover the answer, you realize how simple it is. Learn to appreciate each moment. Every moment of life is a miracle, and appreciating it as such can give us a sense of blessing and abundance. Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. However, it's hard to stay calm in the face of our circumstances. It's hard to stay focused in the face of our temptations... And it's hard to be at peace in the face of our chaos. Try taking the focus off of yourself, and put it on other people -- that's the secret. Here are the three steps:

1. Listen

We're all humans on our own particular journey. Everybody's journey is perfect and special for them. If we come from that listening, then everybody is equal, and everybody's opinion matters. If we want people to listen to what we have to say, then we need to offer others the same courtesy. We're all in this together. What's our goal? Positive, ethical evolution... Sometimes this is called humanity.

Listen to people, be in their presence, and totally accept who they are.

2. Acknowledge

Are people inherently good? Some people's behaviors may not be consistent with our values. Yet everybody is right in their own thinking, because their experiences justify their reasoning. Everybody thinks they are right. Instead of focusing on our differences, what would happen if we started focusing on the commonality of our intentions?

When I went to see the Dali Lama last weekend at the SkyDome with 30,000 people, I felt the commonality of everybody's intentions. We were a diverse crowd, from many different walks of life, from varying demographics, and with a mix of spiritual backgrounds. Yet we came together with a common purpose -- to promote peace and foster compassion. What a great energy to be in! When we applaud the good in others, we strengthen the good in them, and we solidify our own values. Acknowledge others. The greatest motivation doesn't come from reward. The greatest motivator is the expressive communication that validates people's identity.

Acknowledge people for who they are, what they are up to, and who they are being.

3. Share

One of the most basic cross-cultural human needs is the need for connection. We all need to be related to. Sharing opens a doorway to connection. The news media has taught us to protect ourselves, to put up a barrier of defense, and not to be vulnerable. Does that really work? While keeping us safe, it keeps us from having the great fulfillment that comes from connecting with people. Humans connect when we help each other, when we support each other, when we share with each other, when we're real, and when we're being authentic. When we do this, we grow together and we create a community.

Share with people from your heart, be authentic, and embrace humanity.

What "really" makes your day a great day? I assert that it's when you're able to see the difference you make for others, REGARDLESS of what's going on in your own life.

Listen to People
When we truly listen to people and get who they are, we see the beauty in them.

Acknowledge People
When we acknowledge people and have them feel understood, together we appreciate the beauty of communication.

Share with People
When we share with people and express who we are, we experience the beauty in ourselves.

Transform your ordinary day into a beautiful day.

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