One of the most important choices you have to make as a player is what baseball bat to choose. Check the Internet and you will come across choices ranging from inexpensive to expensive. Before deciding on a youth baseball bat, you must first compare prices.

Keep in mind that the bat you choose, should allow you to focus as much power as possible upon the baseball. This is in fact a guiding principle behind selecting a bat – as a player, you should be able to swing the heaviest bat without sacrificing on your batspeed.

So what is batspeed? Batspeed is the number one creator of power in a swing. Going by the law of physics, it would seem that you can swing a heavier bat with the same velocity as a lighter one, you will produce more power as per the law that energy equals mass times acceleration.

Check out the length, weight, and drop of the baseball bat

Keep in mind that there are three defining factors that apply to choosing the right bat. The first is length. The length of the baseball bat is measured in inches. Then there is weight, which is measured in ounces. Finally, you must calculate the drop, which is obtained by subtracting the weight of the bat from its length.

The size of the bat

To play well, it is important to determine the correct length of your player's bat first and take a look at weight and drop. Players usually prefer larger drops, which mean lighter weights. This is because the lighter the weight, the higher the batspeed. Another governing factor is how strong the player is. If you are strong enough, you would be able to handle a larger bat with ease.

Before buying a bat, it is important that you hold the bat by its handle and then stretch your arms out so that your body makes a lopsided "t" shape. If you cannot hold the bat level with your shoulder for at least a count of ten, the bat is too heavy for you and you should try another one.

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