Carpet cleaning has always been a struggle in our families and a challenge that was very hard to pass by most of the family members. Usually, the moms took care of cleaning the house including the cleaning of the carpet. The cleaning of the carpet was born as a need, in the previous time by the people A good looking carpet and a clean one show a family wealth and it’s proof of their purity. There exist some myths about carpet cleaning that most the people usually follow and they think they can be true.

Here are some of the Myths Mentioned Below:

1-Expensive Carpets Are the Best

The carpet price depend on many factories, on material, size, colors, shape. Depending on the highest price the carpet is set to a category from good to bad. Most people think that buying an expensive carpet can make their carpet very clear and help them clean it less. But it's not true. The less you take care of your carpet, the less he takes care of you. It doesn’t depend on price, but how you use that.

2-Cleaning the Carpet 1 to 2 Years is the Best

Carpet cleaning is a must that everyone must do A carpet can get dirty anytime, at any moment, so even if you are careful with the dirt the carpet collects dust from time to time, and it needs to be cleaned. But the main question is how often? Depending on the size of the dust and stains or dirt the carpet should be cleaned from a minimum of 1 time per 2 months. The longer you postpone it the dirtier it gets.

3-Fading Can Be Solved With Color

Colour adds to the carpet it's expensive work, and can take a lot of time so the color can be totally absorbed by the carpet. Even though the carpet can get the same color as before if the carpet gets cleaned 2-3 times per year the color would still go away.

4-Vacuuming Our Carpet 1-2 Times Per Week is Plenty

Vacuuming a carpet 1-2 times per week can be exhausting and can be not as much effective as we pretend. The carpet can get dirty every day so more consideration would be a daily cleaning of the carpet with a Vacuum Cleaner.

5- Our Carpet is New So it Doesn’t Need Cleaning.

This is one of the most common and costly ideas about carpet care. Almost all homeowners is under the false assumption that new carpet doesn't require cleaning until it looks dirty. By the time when the soil is visible, much damage has already been done to the carpet. Every day the carpet can get dirty

6- We don’t Need Professional Carpet Cleaning. We Should Own a Machine

Having a cleaning machine doesn’t help the fact that professional carpet cleaning is worse. If put incorrectly to work the cleaning machine can destroy the carpet fibers and make you lose that so that’s why you need a professional carpet cleaning service.

7-Carpet Stain Products Are the Best For Cleaning,

Cleaning the carpet does not include only the product you buy at the grocery or the local store. If the product is not suggested by a professional cleaner or a professional cleaning service they are not worth the price.

8- We Can Dry the Carpet Oneself on the Flooded Occasion

Flooded carpet is the worst case that can happen in a carpet. The flood might seem like it's a very easy problem but the causes are severe. The water can cause fibber break and cause bad odor to the carpet.

9-Can Clean the Pet Urine By Our Own

Having pets at home can cause some serious damage to the furniture around and especially the carpets. The pets are uncontrollable and can do more damage than everything. Their pee can be cleaned easily but the odor can remain there, so the best solution is to find a carpet cleaning service.

10-Steam Ruins the Carpet

Steam cleaning is one the best way to clean a carpet. So the people that believe the opposite way does not know anything about cleaning. Steam is a safe method that provides stain cleaning and fibber protection, but for extra safety can contact a carpet cleaning service.

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