Top 7 Personality Traits of a Good Bookkeepers

Trait #7: Positive outlook Remember the Disney movie Pollyanna? My kids used to love that flick. You see, Pollyanna always played what she called “the glad game.” She tried to find the good in every situation.Now, I do not suggest that you have to take things to the Pollyanna extreme.While that is certainly wonderful if you can, we don’t live inside a pretend world.As for starting a bookkeeping business, a positive outlook means that ~ regardless of what happens ~ you KNOW (without a doubt) that you will prevail. You know that your SUCCESS is a given. You don’t always know HOW you will succeed. Sometimes you have to make that up as you go.Being a successful entrepreneur is sometimes lonely. There are no help desks, bosses to ask for help or resources to tap into other than your own ability.To be confident in your own ability; that, my friend, is a positive attitude.

Trait #6: A difference maker Do you like to help? Are you a nurturer? If so, then YOU are a difference maker.In the world of starting a bookkeeping business, being a difference maker is all about impact. This impact is to help your client, the entrepreneur, to succeed. And not just in terms of dollars and cents.Remember in trait #7 above when I said it’s sometimes lonely for entrepreneurs? Your clients are no exception. Just like you, they have no one to turn to in most situations. To understand this fact is the root of a special relationship between you and your client.
Yes, the main focus of your difference-making ability is on finances: make more money, get rid of debt, more cash flow, etc.However, as a great bookkeeper, you look beyond just making money, and look at the big picture. And, guess what… It’s so FREAKIN’ SIMPLE to do this — IF…
…YOU are a difference-maker.
And bookkeepers who are difference makers with positive attitudes make a LOT more money than those without these key character traits.

Trait #5: Hard-worker Wow, did I REALLY just say that? I mean, if you own your own business — isn’t this a given?Well, it should be. However, it’s important for you know, up front, that to start a bookkeeping business requires hard work. I liken this to having a new-born. When the baby is first introduced to the world, she requires around the clock attention. This means lots of sleepless nights.To start a bookkeeping business: it’s not about diaper-changes and the like, but it does require a lot of your attention. Especially during the first months and years of existence.But, oh the rewards! I always say that it’s a short-term sacrifice for a lifetime of benefit.

Trait #4: Organization Ummm, you deal with other people’s money. That means you must be organized. Now, I am NOT the most organized guy in the world, so I rely on systems and software to help me. Luckily, “there’s an app for that”!All the tools you (and I) need to keep our ducks in a row are out there.However, you must be somewhat organized to be a great bookkeeper. Slobs need not apply…

Trait #3: Ability to handle multiple projects As a great bookkeeper, you will serve many clients. It could be two or two hundred…that all depends on you and how big you want your bookkeeping business to be.We must be able to look at the work that needs to be performed and prioritize it to meet or beat any deadlines. Most days this is easy-peasy. Some days, however, it gets a bit dicey.Bookkeeping has times of peak workload and then down times.One of the systems we help students to implement is all about productivity — getting the most stuff done in the shortest time possible.
Mix in organization with productivity and you’re off to the races.

Trait #2: Detail-oriented Numbers. People. Money.Enough said, right?

Trait #1: Personable and caring And this #1 trait of successful bookkeepers comes as a shock to most, including yours truly, as I discovered what makes a GREAT bookkeeper.How about you?Was personable and caring on your original list?

Bookkeeping is first and foremost a RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS.
While numbers are important, that is not why business owners pay you the “big bucks” so to speak. Numbers are numbers and if we try to compete on this level as bookkeepers, we are viewed as a commodity.
However, when we let our personality shine through and show business owners that we truly care and are personable — well, that is something unique to YOU.

Being personable means that you can speak to your client on their level. No fancy bookkeeping talk here; just plain and simple explanations about what’s going on in their business. And, more important, how they can make their business better.

The great news is: it is simple to speak simple…to your clients that is. One of the things we teach our students who start a bookkeeping business is how to talk to their clients in a way they understand and appreciate.You see, entrepreneurs are prideful people. (That includes me as well.) We don’t like to admit that we don’t know something. So, if you speak to them with a lot of fancy bookkeeping mumbo-jumbo, they won’t understand. To make matters worse, they won’t ask you to explain.

This is what leads to frustrated clients. And a frustrated client won’t be a client too much longer.
And there is such an easy solution.

What do the seven character traits of great bookkeepers mean for you?

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