1. The stock market and the futures market will not be able to buy or sell when the daily limit or the daily limit is reached. This poor liquidity situation reduces many investment opportunities and causes losses. But in the foreign exchange market, as long as you are willing to buy and sell at any time, you can follow the real exchange rate. The foreign exchange market will not suddenly rise or fall. Let you face any unexpected events and make the right decisions.

2. Trading 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. It can be bought and sold at any time. The stock market can only be traded during certain hours of the day.

3. The market is objective and fair, and it is not easy to be manipulated by humans. The foreign exchange market has a daily trading volume of 1.9 trillion US dollars. It has an advanced scientific online trading platform. The market and data are public and the most transparent market.

4. Foreign exchange is a free and convenient way to invest. As long as if you have a computer and internet connection then, you can buy and sell transactions whenever and wherever you want. Many people choose forex trading as a lifelong career.

5. The trading strategy can be released at any time according to the market conditions. It is extremely flexible. Even if the direction is wrong, the stop-loss is immediate, the loss is limited, and the profit is still extremely huge. There are various orders such as current price, price, stop loss, stop-loss, 2 choices and so on.

6. Low transaction costs. In the stock market, you must pay brokerage commissions, transaction fees and taxes. The over-the-counter structure of the foreign exchange market, especially the highly efficient electronic trading system, has reduced most of the transaction and settlement costs and reduced transaction expenses.

7. forex trading is Two-way trading, and there are many opportunities to make money. Stock investment can only make money if it rises, and foreign exchange can buy up, or buy and sell, as long as you choose the direction of the trade to make money. In the market, the market is far more time than the long market, investment opportunities are not easy to grasp, so the stock market is not a market with long-term investment value, which is the reason for many stock market investors to lose money.

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