1. NAME RECOGNITION. This is absolutely critical. People want to deal with someone they “know” rather than a stranger. The more often they see your name in a positive light, the more likely they will be comfortable enough to contact you. Choose an area and make it your own! Select a particular newsgroup or message board and post there often. Always sign your posts. It’s like campaign signs on front lawns! Fo instance, Google Al-Yassa and see all the pages that come up.

2. CONTRIBUTE REAL INFORMATION to the discussions so people will enjoy reading them and will look forward to your next post. Let’s be honest... most ads are boring. Of course you can use a signature file -- 4-6 lines of information that tells people who you are, what you do and how to contact you!

3. ALWAYS BE POSITIVE! Never put down another person or another program. Remember what your mother always said “if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!” Occasionally someone will ask you for your honest opinion of a program or product that you just don’t like. In this case, be honest, but do it in a private e-mail.

4. REVEAL YOURSELF! Give some details about yourself that only someone who has met you personally would generally know about. For instance, I often make mention of my 5 children or the fact that I used to make vaccines for a living. Anytime you hold out a point of contact you increase your chances of having folks feel comfortable with you.

5. CHOOSE A MENTOR! When you read through the posts you’ll probably find someone who you admire, someone who seems to have it all together on-line. Write and tell them! You’ll probably get an answer back -- and can start a conversation. Just realize that some people get hundreds of e-mail messages a day! If they don’t get back to you immediately, it doesn’t mean they won’t or that they don’t intend to...just that they are busy and need to take care of their existing business associates first!

6. GIVE SOMETHING AWAY! Every article I write becomes another point of contact. Often I will make a little signature file and offer one of my past articles! For instance: “FREE REPORT -- BUILDING A DOWNLINE ON-LINE! visitwww.BigTeamBigCheck.com This brings me daily inquiries from people I know who are interested in my industry.

7. REQUEST A RESPONSE! A great way to get a conversation started in a private e-mail is “Tell me about the program you work!”. On-line try “E-mail (your on-line address) for FREE INFORMATION” or “Take part in our survey on XXXXX and make your opinion count! For your FREE SURVEY e-mail (your internet address”). My personal favorite is “Please tell me what you think!”

8. LEARN TO Leverage tools! This is my name for the on-line version of the three-way call. When someone is interested in your program or service or product, you send the information and let your prospect know that they may receive several follow ups from tools you have in place to help them stay connected. This way they can get a more well rounded view of your offer so they can make a better decision. ex, For a sneak peek on leveraging technology, visit www.BigTeamBigCheck.com and watch free videos.

9. READ! Two books I highly recommend are “Guerrilla Marketing Online” by Jay Conrad Levinson and “Tribes” by Seth Godin. Both of these are currently available at major bookstores. One note: Mr. Levinson has written many books with “Guerrilla Marketing” as part of the title. Make sure you get the one that says “Online”!

10. BE A SOLID MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY! Remember -- the on-line community is like any other neighborhood -- good news and bad news both travel fast. Be a generous member of your community. Help out where you can. Congratulate people on their successes and provide a shoulder for those who have been hurt. Celebrate often. Pass along compliments. Welcome new people on board. The on-line community is a team -- remember to say “Thank You”-- in public! -- to those that have helped in your success.

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