When it comes to prosperity, there are rules to follow that will help you get where you want to be. Below, we present seven surefire ways to get there quicker.

1. Multiple Streams of Income

When you only have one source of income it highly unlikely that you're going to build a large sum of wealth. Look into multiple streams of passive income. This is income that doesn't take much time on your part and the payment keeps on coming even after your work has stopped.

Remember: You do not need thousands of dollars to start with. You can start small and build gradually, at your own pace.

2. Emergency Money

When you start to get extra income coming from the multiple income streams or from your investments it's best if you put at least 10% in a "No Touch" account. This account is going to be for your retirement and the money should only be taken out if you have a life or death situation. A plasma screen TV is not a life or death situation.

3. Handle Your Own Money

Supervise your finances personally. While some duties may be delegated away, managing your money isn't one of them. Never give another person access to your assets or money. The temptation is just too great. Don't make it easier for them.

4. Make Money Work For You

Make sure you know an expense from an investment and separate the two. As a rule of thumb, an expense is money you will never see again. Like when you pay your light bill. That is an expense.

There is no return on that money. It's gone, baby, gone. An investment, on the other hand, will return something to you. It pays itself back to you and that's a good thing. You always want to put your money where it does the most good. That is, makes more for you to manage.

5. Save on Necessities

No matter how much money you make or have, expenses need to be at a minimum all the time. People with lots of money are the tightest spenders around. There's a reason for that.

6. Pay Cash or Don't Pay It

Don't borrow if you don't have to. The interest involved is an expenditure that means nothing to your bottom line (except to make it smaller!). Use the money you have on hand or that you have coming in to the maximum. Just be sure you have a handle on what is on hand, what is coming in and what you need to do to cover your needs. Borrowing should be a last resort.

7. Spend Less Save More

Sounds like a simple no brainer statement, but always have more cash coming in than you have going out. In other words, do not spend more than you make as that is a recipe for disaster. Always have an idea of your own net worth.

All these things are necessary to reach financial freedom and prosperity. They have been tried and tested and are known to work if put into practice. Having more money is everyone's goal. By using these steps, you too can begin to attract more money to yourself and your family.

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