Towels are the most common cause of clutter in your bathroom. Ideas to get rid of clutter include improving the space utilization so that you have more places for the towels to go as well as addressing the personal organization skills of everybody who uses the bathroom so they become more self reliant and accountable for managing their own towels.

Space Utilization

You can provide more spaces for towels to go by installing more bathroom towel bars. But do not limit the installation just to the bathroom. A wide variety of towel racks are available that can go into any room in your house. Free standing bathroom towel racks do not require installation or do it yourself skills of any kind!

You can even purchase heated towel racks that simply plug into an electrical outlet and are freestanding. This is a great way to get others to pick up their towels because you only get a warm towel if you place it on the towel rack! The towels will not become warm if they are laying on the floor.

Another easy installation is the over the door variety. Simply hang the towel rack on the door and you have an instant bedroom or bathroom towel bar.

Personal Organization

It is difficult to have an organized home if the people in it do not develop self reliance and take responsibility for their own contributions for taming clutter. If there are several people using the same bathroom it may not be practical to store all the necessary towels on the bathrooms towel bars. Have one or two sets of towels in the bathroom and then provide each family member with their own towel rack in their bedroom.

They can bring their own towels to the bathroom when they bathe and take them back to the bedroom again afterward.

So what if someone in the family is constantly leaving towels on the floor of the bathroom? You all know who it is but they refuse to take responsibility for removing their own towels to their bedroom even after you have installed towel racks? Perhaps this would never happen in your family?

Well just in case it is a possibility here is the simple solution to provide transparency of towel ownership. Simply assign each family member their own towel color. Forget about color coordinating the towels to the bathroom decor. Building self reliance in your children is more important than how you decorate your bathroom!

Let each child pick his/her own color. Provide two sets of towels (one in the wash and one on the towel rack) in that color for each child.

Now whoever leaves towels on the floor leaves a color coded calling card!

Bathroom ideas for taming the towel clutter should never be limited to the bathroom! You can use the same ideas and products in the bedroom to help your children develop better personal organization and accountability for their own stuff.

That is what really makes an organized home!

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Beverly Hansen OMalley is a nurse who is passionate about optimizing space and using personal organization skills to create an organized home. Visit where you can read more about how to tame the towel clutter using bathroom towel bars, racks and holders.