If you want to become a travel nurse then it is a practical career option as you will have more salary than the permanent and para Diem nurses. In the past in the year 1920 when traveling nursing jobs came into existence after the shortage for nurses was felt. It is a very popular career in the United States of America as the demand for travel nurses is growing remaining to fewer nurses in specific areas. There are around 25,500 travel nurses in the USA and about 340 US travel nurse companies. Travel nursing jobs are not the long term job (4 to 52 weeks) in which the nurses have to travel to different parts of the country. The contract that is outside the country is of the longer period like one to two years.

Travel nursing job gives you the vast experience of meeting different people and enjoying different seasons and the different states of the country. It all depends on the project that you can choose the period of stay in the travel nursing job. Like some nurses prefer to stay for more than one month other for more than one year.

How to become a travel nurse?
If you want to become a travel nurse then one will have to complete the education in nursing from the affiliated nursing school to get the Registered Nurse degree. You can study any of the following type of nursing education

• Four years degree
• Three years ADN program
• Three years diploma

Along with this, one must have the experience in clinical of one year as a certified nurse in the area of his or her specialty to get into traveling nursing jobs. It is recommended that you must get two to three years of experience for the International travel nursing jobs. The requirement of experience vary with the specialization. Like LPN/LVN requires three years of experience where as for Psychiatric nurse job, Med-Surg and Rehab you need the experience of two years to get travel nursing jobs. Also clearing NCLEX-RN exam is must in USA. Along with this you will have to get the license of that particular state.
Travel nursing pay varies a lot and generally changes with the location, hospital need, housing cost of the area and negotiation ability of the traveler. Alike you will find extra travel nurse salary if you are given travel nursing jobs in northern or western American states than the southern American States. The RN travel nurse pay can be $40 per hour but surgical technicians, respirational therapist and LPN will get pay near to $28 per hour. Some of the hospitals and travel agencies also give a bonus that can reach $6,000 and given at the end of the assignment.


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