The city of London in the UK receives millions of tourists every year. While the transportation system may be one of the oldest in the world, it can also leave much to be desired due to its age and limitations. When traveling in London, you do not always have to depend on the established transport system (although this is often more convenient) as there are many ways to travel around the city.

London buses cover all parts of the city and there are hundreds of covered routes. The traditional red London bus still exists, but it has changed over the years. You will no longer see the old open door window bus, but instead you will find long, flexible unit buses or red double-decker buses, which are an update of the route master. As mentioned earlier, these buses cover all parts of the city and you can pay cash once on the bus (£ 1.50 for adults, cheaper for children) or use an Easter card. If you pay in cash, pay with coins if possible, or on a very small note, as drivers do not have that much change and are likely to feel frustrated or ask to get off the bus if they do not. I will not deal with the big note you have given them. Not to mention the frustrated passengers, they will be forced to wait because of you as the driver counts the change. The best way to get on the bus is to use an Easter card. The Oyster card is the way London pays for travel through some kind of debit card. This is much more convenient as you no longer have to physically count the changes every time you get on the bus. Simply fill the Easter card with the amount you want to place on it, and then ride the bus by placing the Easter card in the Easter card reader, which will automatically deduct your travel expenses. The Eastern Map can also be used in the London Underground, which is probably the most widely used transport method in London. Fill your Easter card again with enough money to cover your trip, then place your Easter card in the station's Easter card reader as you enter and leave the station, and the Easter card system automatically deducts the amount of your trip. If you are a tourist, you can buy the Easter card on the Transport to London website. Again, you can also use cash to pay for the train ride. You receive a ticket in return for your money, which explicitly covers you for your trip, so only from points A and B, or you will cover it to travel within a specific area for a specific period. The periods can be a single day, 3 days, 5 days or a week.

Black taxis are also a popular way to travel, but they can often be quite expensive. You can usually find them outside most train stations and you can simply get on board the designated taxi rank or simply by calling one as you walk down the street. Minicab companies also exist, but do not come in any car that claims to be a mini-taxi driver. You must go directly to the mini-taxi office in person, or order a taxi or call their number and request that a mini-taxi be sent to your place. In recent years, there have been many incidents where people jump in the back of cars to be expelled by drivers who claim to be mini-taxi drivers but who act under false pretenses. Do not make this mistake. Even if the taxi driver claims to be a mini-taxi driver, remember to go to the office in person or call the taxi company yourself. Identification cards can be forged, so relying on this as a method of identifying whether or not the guy sitting in your car is a mini-taxi driver is not enough.

Finally, cycling is another popular mode of transport. Cyclists in London may only ride a bicycle on the road, not on the sidewalk, so make sure you have adequate head protection in the form of a bicycle helmet and elbow and knee pads if you prefer. Cycling in London is often considered dangerous because of the busy lifestyle of those in the city, so you should concentrate completely if you choose to travel with this method.

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Black taxis are also a popular way to travel, but they can often be quite expensive. You can usually find them outside most train stations and you can simply get on board the designated taxi rank