It is no secret that I Am a Sagittarius. Many astrologers and such, write articles or create videos whereby they are describing what they think and how they may feel The Sagittarius to be. I Am going to provide you with just a few of the character traits that describes what a Sagittarius really is and what We are not. Simply, but with also the most complexity, We are very deep, deep thinkers about LIFE, and We constantly seek "Satisfactory Knowledge" on why Life truly exists. The Knowledge MUST be "satisfactory" to Us or We will continue our search until We are "Divinely Instructed" to do otherwise! Ultimately, The Sagittarius seeks and searches for Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding on the deepest most miniscule, Infinitesimal levels. Below are just a few of the traits that makes Us who We are:

WE DO NOT LIKE TO TRAVEL THE OUTER WORLD - Despite all the astrological writeups you've read throughout your lifetimes about Sagittarians loving to travel, it is not true for the majority. The Sagittarius LOVES to travel INWARDLY! We will spend our days in endless INNER TRAVEL. We get great satisfaction from traveling the Inner Spiritual World, not the physical Earth. We seek to know how anatomy corresponds and correlates to astronomy and so on and so forth. We could care less about seeing other parts of the world, as we only visit places with rich energetic vortexes; meaning, We do not go to other parts of the world for pleasure. A vacation to a Sagittarius is being in complete solitude, listening to The Divine and The Music of The Divine Realms by which only a Sagittarius with "developed auditory abilities" can actually hear. If We visit other places in the world, it is for energetic benefits. There is no need for The Sagittarius to travel the world outwardly; simply because, when We travel inwardly, We SEE THE WHOLE WORLD anyway.

WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO ANYTHING AT THE LAST MINUTE! - The Sagittarius moves at their own pace, no matter who does not like it. We simply DO NOT do anything at the last minute! Other people's poor planning does not negate any kind of emergencies in our worlds, none whatsoever! There are actual thinking and analyzing processes that goes into EVERYTHING that We do. It can be something as simple as deciding to go outside and sit for a quiet evening in the swing on the porch. To Us, the swing has to actually swing right! Seriously! The swing has to be sitting and facing a position on the porch that will produce the most vital energy, so that We can enjoy our time in the swing on the porch! This may be funny to some of you reading this, as I am chuckling as I write this; however, this is MY TRUTH as a Sagittarius! Seriously! It may be "anal" to some, but it is the way it is with me personally, as a Sagittarius! I absolutely abhor anyone thinking that I will react to their irresponsibility in a way that is favorable to them. And, if We just so happen to get a call from someone who gets upset because they ask Us what we are doing and we say "Nothing," then they want to give Us something to do, and We refuse......well, that will be the last call. "Doing nothing" to Sagittarians, is called "INNER TRAVEL!" This is one of the reasons that I have ALWAYS had "Dogs and Cats" for friends. They NEVER disappoint and they do not expect anything from you, except loving on them! When you take great care of your animals, they will give their lives for you.

WE WILL IGNORE YOU OUT OF CREATION! - When Sagittarians LOVE, We LOVE at the DEEPEST DIVINE LEVEL. We shine OUR LIGHT everywhere We go, because We actually want others to FEEL AND BENEFIT FROM OUR DIVINE LOVE. When We are betrayed, We will ignore you completely out of CREATION. You will no longer exist to Us. You only have one chance at betrayal with a Sagittarius, to which then, you are kept at a very, very long, long distance. We will ALWAYS forgive others for the things they do to Us, but make no mistake, they will NEVER have access to our Divine Love ever again. If we just so happen to accidently see you or run across you in person somewhere, We will pass right by you as if you are not standing there. We will not say a word to you, because we have eradicated you from our "Inner World." So, in all actuality, you really do not exist in our world anymore. The ONLY way someone gets back into the Good Graces of The Sagittarius, is if The Divine intervenes personally and says otherwise.

I hope I have given you some clarity on The Sagittarius. ALL of what you have read is totally and completely my own experiences as a Sagittarius. Of course, not all Sagittarians are the same. It all depends where on the scale you are born. There is no middle or lukewarm with The Sagittarius. You are either "all in," or you're not in at all!

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