There was a time when all people were created equal. No one was better that the other person. There were no nasty eyes looking over you, judging your hair, your eyes, your clothes. Unfortunately, most babies only live in the hospital for a couple of days and once they are discharged from that careful setting, the world immediately begins to judge everything they do and everything about them. Our society has grown to rely more on the way a person looks and the amount of money a person makes than the types of person they are on the inside and the worth of that person in our overall societal setting. This societal aim has brought issues of self confidence to the forefront of many people’s lives and the time has come to take back that confidence.

The Causes of a Lack of Self Esteem

From the time children get old enough to understand that not everyone has been created the same, they begin to judge people. If a school mates clothing appears dirty, they immediately assume they have less money. If a school mate always wears the best of clothing, they must be rich and if a school mate is shy, they must have something to hide. As children grow older and reach the teenage years, these judgments often become more verbal and begin to create a lasting effect on the minds of some people. This judging is at the heart of a lack of confidence. The more someone tells you something is wrong with you, the more you tend to believe it.

Hypnosis and Confidence

One way to deal with a trained mind is to revert that mind back to a previous state. In kindergarten, everyone is seen in the same light. Friends are friends because two people like each other and foes are created on the playground over silly child games. Hypnosis can revert the mind to that former, less judging state. Once the mind remembers what it was like before the judging began, it will feel more comfortable within its surroundings and allow for further growth.

Confidence is a perceived state. We have all known people who are super confident for apparently no reason. They hold their head high and walk with a sense of pride with every step. We look upon them with the green eyes of jealousy. How can we not feel that way about ourselves? The key is, you can! Just as confidence was suppressed by certain actions in life, it can be reborn with a little mind opening help from hypnosis.

There is a spark in the mind that makes us feel as though we are just as good as everyone around us. There are times in our lives, no matter how much we lack self confidence, when we feel that spark. Maybe it is during a business meeting when we are truly prepared and we feel wonderful about being the one who knows more than everyone around us. Maybe it is when we step on the scale and we see that we have lost 5 more pounds. That spark does not have to be a one in a while event. Reigniting that spark on a daily basis simply takes a little practice and a little look into the mind. Hypnosis allows us to see what has built that brick wall between us and our happy lives as confident people. Breaking down those brick walls may take a little time, but in the end, life will be more lively and full of YES decisions instead of I Guess So's!

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