Everyone is talking about “bad” times; the radio news, the TV, your friends, my coaching clients. NOT ME!

Why? Because I know that what I focus on I attract.

Now some people say to me, “Dr. Cindy, aren’t you just in denial or avoiding reality?” NO! That’s Not MY REALITY!

There’s a saying- What you believe you attract. I SAY-What you perceive (how you see the world, how you experience your environment, your world around you) you believe…so you attract just that-what you believe and perceive to be true for you!

So if you believe that the world is going downhill, that you’ll lose your job, run out of money, that you will be homeless, that etc, etc, etc. you may just create that which you are focusing on. Is this what you really want? You sure are spending a lot of time and energy focusing on it!

WHAT IF instead YOU spent an equal amount of time or more time and energy than you have wasted watching the gloom and doom in the news on TV, or worrying or thinking of the worst case scenario, and spent this valuable time planning for success, planning for a business or strategy to prevent such crisis or disaster you are imagining is going to happen to you. Focus on what you want, NOT what you don’t want!

You can turn stress into excitement, which attracts success! I show my coaching clients everyday how to do this. I can show you how to- click here. My clients come into our coaching sessions with lots of complaints and stories and stress and I show them how to refocus and transform their energy and careers from stress and crisis into success attractors or personal success economies-ATMS.

My 3 Quick Tips- A.T.M.

#1 AWARENESS- You must first become aware of what you focus on. Start by monitoring your thoughts, feelings, what you are thinking as you are doing everything. Try to turn off the TV and avoid being around negative or gloom and doom people for awhile. Once you are aware, you now can have the opportunity to choose what you focus on.

#2 TAKE RESPONSIBILITY- Taking responsibility is a certain dedication and care about how you respond to life and how it ultimately effects you and your life outcome. Realize that everything that happens to you, that you attract is directly related to something you did or needed to attract as a life lesson or a gift for your purpose on this earth. (Ok I know many of you will be upset with this statement, you can book a session with me and we will discuss how this plays out in your life.) This is true! Believe it and receive it and it will change your life, as it did mine!

#3 MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS – Once you are aware of your thinking, you can become aware of how that negative thinking and that negative focus creates your negative emotions and energy, thus negative results, such as your negative bank balances. Now you have a choice, Do you want stress or excitement? Hmmm? What feels better? Scientific research shows that they are actually similar biological experiences in the body (heart rate increases, shortness of breath, skin flushes, sweating etc.). Do You know what makes the difference in the experience for you? Your Thinking, Which Causes Your Emotions! In other words, your thinking there’s a crisis causes you stress which causes you to see stress which causes you to be stressed which causes negative energy which causes your boss to not like you and fire you etc etc etc!


*Remember: In order to be the person you have never been, In order to have the life you have never had, You must do what you have never done before: Give me a call or contact me so I can support you further with a Master this Mindset coaching session NOW!!

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