Some people refer to it as a micro blogging platform and others refer it to a mass public instant messaging tool, regardless, while social networking has been expanding and becoming a popular business tool with the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter has seemingly been looked upon as the distant not so admired sibling of the three popular sites. While many people question whether this social networking tool is a waste of valuable time and energy, the truth is that it is quite beneficial once businesses and professionals learn how to use it.

In order to achieve success with Twitter, it is important to learn different ways this site can be used. After all, the site doesn't attract millions of successful business owners and celebrities for no reason. It is no doubt that this social networking tool's tweet is bigger than a lot of people may realize.

First of all, following someone's tweets is extremely easy. It is simple to find individuals or businesses that interest you and keep up to date on their day to day activities. When you follow someone, you will see their updates and the same goes for when someone chooses to follow you.

When you are allowed to post as many updates as you wish (in as much as 140 characters) to a large network of people, especially people you may not normally have contact with, the opportunities become endless. Effective communication achieves success and this site allows its users to communicate as often or not as often as they wish. Whether there is a new product or service to disclose, interesting news or insightful information, individuals and businesses are consistently keeping followers in the know. It is much like a mini blog feed.

Here are some interesting ways you can use Twitter to tweet yourself to success.

Follow People who Interest You

Search for people and businesses who not only interest you but who may provide some sort of benefit for you. Whether it is beneficial information or possible contacts, you should take calculating steps to follow those who aren't going to waste your time and who will provide you with something to take away and learn from.

Offer Valuable and Interesting Information

Of course some people will only tweet about what they ate for breakfast or what their plans are for the weekend, but Twitter can be so much more than just a juvenile social tool. The site can open up a land of opportunity for those who are willing to use it as such. Provide useful and interesting information to those who are following you and you will catch the eye of the very people you may have been intimidated to connect with previously. Post informative links and statements throughout the day to remain at the forefront of the very people you are hoping to connect with.

Use the Tools Available to You

Get the most out of Twitter by taking advantage of its many support applications.

Save yourself some valuable time by connecting your Facebook updates and Tweets with the Facebook for Twitter application. Using this tool will allow you to update your status on the two sites at once.

But what if you use several social networking sites? allows you to update your status on all major networking sites including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

If you use FireFox, the TwitterFox will allow you to see updated Tweets straight from the web browser.

Are you going on vacation and won't have access to a computer for regular tweeting? Using the TweetLater tool will allow you to schedule your tweets for when you are away! TweetLater can also send you emails with any activity you may wish to read up on, allowing you to track conversations and join in when you have a moment.

Take it in Stride

Don't get caught up in every single tweet that crosses over your page. Don't waste your valuable time going through every single tweet. Scan, read and reply to information that interests you only.

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