One of the biggest challenges deliberate creators face is the fear of letting go. More often than not, this fear stems from a strong doubt that the universe is listening; or even distrust that the universe wants to deliver your desires. Beneath the doubt and distrust are usually some limiting beliefs that keep us locked into a state of limbo, wanting something better but not quite believing it will happen. Below are two common limiting beliefs, along with helpful tips about what to do if you believe you may have them too:

“I’m not deserving of this great thing.”

Even if you know intellectually that you deserve your desires, you may have a deep emotional belief that holds it back. This belief may have been formed when you were a child and your parent scolded you for being “greedy” or “selfish” when you asked for something you wanted; or it may be the result of caring for other people and consistently putting yourself last.

Regardless of how the belief may have been formed, clearing it is as easy as consistently reinforcing your own worthiness every day. Make a list of reasons why you think you do deserve to have what you want.

Self-talk yourself into a positive state of self-worth by saying things like, “There’s not a single reason why I shouldn’t have this thing. I’m a good person, I do a lot for others, and I’m willing to do something nice for myself too.” Keep doing this daily and within a very short period of time you should notice that you are starting to feel much better about yourself and truly believe in your worthiness.

“If I let go and trust, it won’t happen.”

This belief is often the result of a perception of the universe (or God) as being cold, judgmental, and distant. When we obsess over an intention, what we’re really doing is trying to make it happen on our own, rather than trusting that the universe will take care of it for us. Deep down inside, we really don’t believe that the universe is loving and benevolent. So, on an energetic level, we shove the universe aside and say, “I know you won’t do this for me, so I’ll do it myself; move out of my way.”

Needless to say, the universe simply conforms to our belief – which creates a lot more stress and work for us, and very little progress on our manifestations.

To overcome this belief, start building up your trust in the universe each day. Ask for help with plenty of small things, and ask in an affirmative way. Say, “Universe, I need to get to work on time, and I know you will make it so traffic is light and moving smoothly this morning.” Then expect it to happen. Over time, you will begin noticing how often you seem to have “unseen helpers” jumping to answer your requests – and your belief will begin to grow and have an effect on your bigger manifestations too.

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