Facial peels, whereby chemicals are applied to your skin to expose another layer of healthy skin, are the chemical peel. The chemical peel treatment is a therapeutic method of keeping your skin healthy and free of inflammation. It's a procedure that solves skin conditions like fine lines, aging signs, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, scars, discoloration, etc. However, your skin condition will determine the type of chemical peel treatments you'll use.

Chemical peel treatment is usually applied on your neck, face, and hands. It can improve your skin tone and texture if you don't have much skin damage. Here are some facts about the Chemical peel treatment.


  1. The nature of your skin problem determines the type of chemical peel treatment.
  2. Dermatologists utilize lasers and chemicals to reduce skin issues like acne scarring.
  3. Skin issues like sun damage respond faster to chemical peel treatment
  4. Chemical peel treatment has a recuperation period that must follow after application.


Types of Chemical Peel Treatment

Transformation Chemical peel

The ingredients in our transformation peel include azelaic acid, Phytic acid and lactic acid. It contains 10% of each ingredient, and here are the uses of the ingredients.

  • Azelaic acid: this fascinating ingredient is used to cure skin conditions like acne, scars, and hyperpigmentation. It eliminates bacteria-causing irritation, reduces inflammation, and encourages skin cell turnover.
  • Phytic acid: It's used in several beauty products like toners and masks. Phytic acid improves skin tone and is an excellent skin-lightening ingredient.
  • Lactic acid: similar to Phytic acid, it's an alpha-hydroxy acid used as a mild exfoliant. Lactic acid eliminates old skin cells, lightens your skin, and improves wrinkles.

Thus, our Transformation peel is one of the best chemical peels that'll leave your skin radiant. You can get it for $395 at the Metropolitan Skin Clinic.

Retexturizing Chemical Peel

The retexturizing chemical peel is another chemical peel treatment that does wonders for your skin. It consists of ingredients like Salicylic acid, Retinol, and Azeloyl trichloroacetic (TCA) - 17%, 2%, and 34%, respectively.

  • Salicylic acid: is a gentle exfoliant that shrinks pimples and unblocks skin pores.
  • Retinol: it's a popular skincare ingredient. Retinol is known for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and stimulating collagen.
  • Azeloyl trichloroacetic: this reliable ingredient is perfect for curing skin conditions like discoloration, scars and wrinkles. 

With these ingredients, our $325 Retexturizing chemical peels are your go-to treatment for a perfect skin tone and texture.

Metro Chemical Peel

Our Metro Chemical peel is made of skincare ingredients like Azelaic acid, Retinol wipe, Arbutin, and Salicylic acid. Each of these ingredients has fantastic skin benefits. They eliminate skin conditions like aging signs, discoloration, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles.

You should try this chemical peel, especially if you're new to the treatment. The combination of 10% Azelaic acid, 7% Retinol wipe, 7% Arbutin, and 14% Salicylic acid gives a treatment that'll brighten your skin. The Metropolitan Skin Clinic will give you this Metro peel for $250. You can consult in person or virtually.

Retinol wipes

Retinol, as mentioned above, is a famous skincare ingredient with numerous benefits. It's a form of vitamin A and increases skin cell growth. It can penetrate deep into the skin layers and stimulate the skin cells to renew. Our Retinol peel isn't as intense as other types of chemical peel treatment, and it's an excellent treatment for any beginner.

On the other hand, Glycolic wipes reduce oil production and prevent breakout while maintaining your skin glow.

At the Metropolitan Skin Clinic, you'll get this two-in-one peel goodness for $75.

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