Today UGG boots have become fashionable footwear. Made of 100% sheepskin, these boots keep your feet comfortable and dry. They became especially popular during the world wars. Airmen for keeping their feet warm wore them. During the 1960s, Australian surfers were also seen putting on these boots to warm their feet after surfing waves. Australians also used them at home during mild winters. However, Uggs are now a worldwide fad and have proven to be a hit in both hot and cold countries.

The high-quality sheepskin known as 'double-sided' is used in the manufacture of Ugg boots. This material helps keep feet dry. Since sheepskin insulates the boot it helps keep bare feet warm even in temperatures like -30F. The sturdy stitches and sole of these boots along with the waterproof property of sheepskin make this boot durable. These boots, although they appear to be heavy, are very light. Walking in an ugg boot makes one feel as if one is wearing slippers or just socks. No matter what your foot size is, you can get a pair of Ugg boots for yourself.

Ugg boots generally look different than other types of boots. In fact, it is this unique look that makes him stand out from the crowd. The term 'ugg' is actually the shot for 'ugly'. Therefore, 'ugg boot' actually meant 'ugly boot'. But nowadays these boots are no longer considered ugly, they are also considered as one of the most modern and comfortable shoes in the fashion industry. Imagine walking miles on undulating terrain in a pair of high heels! What would be the result? It would have blisters the size of baseball. Here lies the USP of a boot. No matter how far you walk, you will always feel comfortable wearing an Ugg boot.

People, especially women and teenage girls, have become very fashion conscious today. Not only do they wear stylish clothes, but they also love to wear modern and comfortable shoes. In fact, this is the reason why women have turned to boots. One can find a wide variety of styles and colors by choosing the right shoe size for you.

Women's Uggs come in classic colors, different sizes and shapes. Children also look very smart at Uggs. The Ugg Bailey, Ugg Classic Cardy, Ugg Classic Short, Ugg Classic Tall and Ugg Clogs ankle boots are some of the most modern boots of this popular brand. Regardless of the variety of boots you choose to buy from Ugg, always remember one thing: go for a smaller size than you usually wear because Ugg's boots are cut rather large.

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