Experiencing emotions is just proof that we feel and react to the changes that happen in our day to day lives. Even though emotions are experienced in all facets of our lives, we must express them appropriately according to the environment.

A workplace is a professional environment, and learning to manage emotions in the workplace is very important. And since today’s workplaces are challenging places riddled with workplace stressors like heavy workloads and crunching deadlines, learning to manage your emotions has become ever more critical.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you must channel your emotions in the right manner.

Specific emotional states are more commonly experienced at work than others. They are - *
Frustration- Feelings of frustration can arise from many situations such as lack of company resources, lack of job flexibility, etc.

Anger- Anger is a very negative emotion that can destroy a person’s career and his/her relationships if not appropriately controlled.

Worry- Any change in power or control in the workplace can give rise to feelings of anxiety and insecurity.

Disappointment- People will be unhappy and disappointed at work if they are not appreciated and recognized for their work and efforts.

Dislike- People have to work with many other people in a workplace setting, and as such, it is common not to like every one of them.

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