We have all heard from them at one point in our lives or another. You know the ones that think that they are above all others. You know the ones that think that you don’t have a right to succeed if they aren’t. They are the jealous ones; the haters.

You will hear from the haters, they will express their dissatisfaction in what you do, what you say, or who you are. In all actuality, they are your confirmation that what you are doing is right. You were not put on this earth to please others. You are not here to conform to other people’s way of thinking. You were put here to be your own person. Being you takes a certain amount of courage and strength that others might lack. The trick to our life’s journey is to stand tall and stay standing tall through all the turbulent waters. Jealousy can be an ugly thing, but if you take that negative and turn it into a positive, it will work for you. You might look or act or do things that others criticize you for, but you are being you. Some people are envious of others and draw their strength by criticizing those who have the courage to try something that they don’t have the courage to try. To me, all those criticisms are another way of saying “I wish I could be more like you.” They are not happy with themselves so they have to criticize others.

I am my own person! I don’t see life through someone else’s eyes. I experience everything with my own. I am unique in the way that I am. I might not do something or say something the way that others do, but then again, I am my own person.

Be your own person. I like sports, I always have. As a little girl I was the one always up in a tree. My mom use to lay out a pretty dress for me to wear. When I came inside from playing, it was filthy! She use to put curlers in my hair, and I would take them out every chance I could. My point is, my mom wanted me to conform to the little girl she had imagined, but I didn’t. I was a tom boy and remain one to this day. I was always very active. I am a girl who loves to hunt and fish and play volleyball and horseshoes and pretty much do anything that you have to get up and move to do. Did my mom love me any less for that? No. My point is; others might want you to conform to their idealism of who you should be. You will never be that person, that is not who you are.

How could you do this? How could you do that? It doesn’t matter. No worries on my end, just acceptance on theirs. You have to have the ability to accept someone for who they are. If you don’t like them or accept them for who they are, just kindly walk away, don’t judge them. This world has enough judges; we need to be more accepting of others.

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