Online health services are becoming more and more popular in Pakistan as several online doctors apps hit the market. You can look up your doctor at and book a tele-appointment with doctor with just a few clicks on your smartphone.
Whether you’re in Karachi, Peshawar or Lahore, online health services like My live doctors can help you find doctors online in Pakistan. This online medicine service has a panel of professional healthcare providers from every field ready to help you around the clock! Book a tele-appointment with doctor in Pakistan by downloading the online doctor app on your smartphone or mobile device for FREE!
Some people may be skeptical about online doctors and online medical consultations, but experts say that more than 80% of your basic day to day medical conditions can effectively be treated online. Do you live in Lahore and are looking for a physician near you? Find best online physician in Lahore by looking up a doctor online.
Online physicians can provide a second opinion, write an e-prescription and engage in an online medical consultation for a proper evaluation and treatment. Here are some examples of medical conditions that online doctors can treat.
A Physician in Lahore can treat the following conditions easily online:
• Flu
• Sinusitis
• Allergies
• Migraines
• Headaches
• Stomach aches
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• UTIs
• Fever
• Other mental health conditions
• Skin conditions
• Bronchitis
• Asthma
• Pink eye
• Acute respiratory infection
• Ear infections
And more!
When to visit the emergency department?
It is good to keep in mind the potential signs and symptoms that warrant a visit to the emergency department. For instance:
• Heavy bleeding
• Potential broken bones
• Head injury
• Severe abdominal pain
• Difficulty breathing
• Suspected stroke or paralysis
• High grade fever in children
• Seizures or fits
• Chest pain
Pregnancy related conditions
It’s always better to be safe than sorry!
Features of MyLiveDoctors
MyLiveDoctors is extremely user friendly and has been designed to instantly connect you with some of the best doctors in Lahore and can help you find doctors online in Pakistan for consultations. The mobile app consists of the following features:
• In app calendar
• Digital prescription and re-fills
• Online health records
• Quick appointment scheduling
• Easy follow-ups
• One on one chat or video conference
It only requires a simple registration and installation of the online doctor app on your phone. Once you have an account you can find best online physician or specialist and connect without any delay in the future!
If you’re not already sold on the idea of online doctor consultations, here are a few more pros that might sway your vote:
• Online medicine orders and home delivery
• Hassle free follow-ups
• Multiple payment options
• Your choice of communication (text, email, video)
• Online accessible medical history
Owning smart gadgets won’t do you any good if you don’t make smart choices. Ask a doctor about how you can get a grip on your health, and the fastest most current way to do that is online!

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I am skilled physician with 5 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.