That tiny critter on your rug looks so endearing you keep feeling its fine fur with your cheek. But what if it comes bundled with some horrible freeloaders?

We’re talking about fleas! Those miniature parasites feed on your pet’s blood and if you don’t watch it, even yours.

They may not suck your pet’s blood dry at an instant but these Nano-vampires are inflamed and pose a serious danger to your pet’s health. Worse, they create a gap between you and your pet. No one would cuddle a fleabag, excluding another fleabag.

It’s time to call a flea buster, but since there’s no such listing on the phonebook, you’ll have to be the flea buster yourself.

Your mission: To keep those little suckers from hell away from you and your pet. They are hard to get rid of and at times costly, but the mission is doable.

How do you do that? Flea control measures come in single or manifold approaches. The most pointless approach, perhaps, is to catch fleas here and there. Even a good monkey can’t totally rid another monkey of fleas. That’s a fact you can’t change with a bunch of bananas.

The greatest resolution is to make use of flea bombs! Of course, bombing your house to get rid of fleas is cartoon stuff. Flea bombs, to put it glamorously, are the smart bombs of flea control.

Flea bombing means fogging your house with insecticide. It’s the dense spraying of insecticide which leaves a residue to kill irritating fleas, as well as the other insects.

Flea bombs typically contain strong chemicals that remain effective for several months. The residue will kill not just the grown-up fleas but hamper the development of eggs and larvae as well. The residue also kills other harmful house pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Flea bombs, on the other hand, are diverse from the ordinary flea sprays. While flea spray works on a limited spot, especially where these fleas are located, flea bombs work in a way that the entire room is covered – a 700-square-foot area per bomb to be exact. Let’s call it domestic carpet bombing.

Apart from the coverage, the contained chemicals also vary in their level. So put it in this way, flea spray is just the junior version of the flea bomb.

Using flea bombs will require you to get out of the house, the way any sensible soldier gets out of harm’s way when someone yells ‘bombs away!’ These strong chemicals used in the flea bombs have health effects to anyone who inhales it during fogging.

Fogging takes just for minutes, but it takes over an hour for the chemicals to settle, depending on the degree of the damage caused by these fleas.

Also, take note: the chemicals used are highly flammable. So make sure that all lights are turned off. Should there be open flames, extinguish it! Ventilate the house as well before you let your family and the pets back inside.

Using flea bombs is your best option among a variety of flea-control solutions. However, you cannot totally get rid of fleas at home without using other defensive measures. Odds and ends from the fogging may still thrive and eventually infest the whole house if you don’t take prevention seriously.

In other words, don’t be trigger happy. You can’t take consecutive flea bombings in your house and spend a lot of money just for these pests!

It’s also advisable to take other preventive flea products to complement the flea bombs, which only kill fleas that scatter all over your house. To get rid of fleas in your pet’s fur, try flea dips, where you mix the chemical solutions with water. Then dip your pet into the solution, following the instructions, to kill a maximum number of these hardy fleas.

More flea-killing products are now available in pet-care shops and online stores. You can choose from a variety of these flea control products, check the web or search for expert local Flea Control Brisbane.

Pets bring you joy and good company. Don’t let pesky fleas change the way you look at your pet. It’s time to make a move. Save your pets! Cleanse your house! Bomb the fleas!

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