Due to its unique abilities to change business work, Instagram has emerged to be one of the most widely used social platforms in the modern age. It is simple to use and it gives you the ability to express your creativity in the digital media. Besides, its engagement rate is quite high as compared to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. For instance, the interaction rate with brands for Facebook lies at 0.10%, Twitter 0.045 and 1.53% on Instagram. It is, therefore, a platform that you can effectively use to reach out to your community in real estate and expand your business. The steps that you will need include:

• Downloading the App- The first step involves getting the Instagram application on your phone’s app store. For Android users, this is in the play store while iPhone users can access the app on the iOS store. Remember to have an active data connection so or WI-FI. The app can be downloaded on various devices that range from smartphones and tablets.

• Signing Up- After you have downloaded the application, the next thing will be to sign up through the use of your phone number or alternatively your email account. You will be prompted to enter a confirmation code that is sent to either your number or email.

Recently, Instagram allowed its users to sign up through Facebook. This offers many individuals as well as businesses the unique ability to synchronize campaigns in social networks. Signing up from a desktop is also easy. However, you only get limited features.

• Set Up a Free Business Profile-When you sign up on your device, Instagram will ask you whether you would want to switch to a business profile. In this case, you are interested in marketing your real estate agency so you should choose the business profile. Instagram will explain the unique features of this profile such as the ability to learn about your Instagram followers, wide reachability and new contact options. The next thing will be to set up the category your business is in. You are advised to choose the product or service category for your real estate agency. Your account is now ready.

• Interesting Bio-Since now you have a real estate account, purpose to have a stunning bio which explains who you are. Let your potential Instagram followers know that your account is credible by having a clear description of exactly what you deal with. You could specialize in the sale of certain types of properties and this helps you narrow down to niches in advertising. For instance, when you deal with bungalows, state it clearly so that customers can easily find you in search results.

• Follow People and Create Content - Start by following accounts that correspond with your business. With the search tab in Instagram, you are able to get access to numerous accounts from all over the world. Boost your Instagram engagement by posting visual content of your real estate portfolio.

With the above tips, you will be surprised at how fast you sell your real estate properties.

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