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Video Marketing Defined

Video marketing is going to be described as “using video to showcase your organization.”

That’s relatively logical, right?

The most basic form of video marketing is usually an advert – a video that offers your product – you purchase ad space on relevant online websites and their customers look at your advert.

However, there are various different tactics that video may be used to market your organization; we will look into those in a further article.

For you to establish how you can begin using video to build your online business, it is imperative that you understand what exactly video can and cannot deliver.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

As outlined by research performed by the Pew Research Center, 57% of People in the usa have downloaded online video and 19% download video every day.

As computers are bit by bit replacing televisions for many consumers and mobile phone technology continues to expand, it can be envisioned that video will continue to grow.

The studies furthermore observed more than half of people seeing video ended up sharing the video clips with friends, showcasing the viral or “person to person” advertising feature of this method.

There is not any doubt about it, video and audio mediums are generally a strong type of content and they’re rapidly developing as the advertising tool of choice for most businesses both big and small.

They provide a variety of rewards not necessarily available through common print content, such as but not limited to:

• Enable you to showcase your company's qualities: Clients are requiring authenticity and transparency on the internet; people wish to know who you might be and just what your business is about and video can be the excellent technique to communicate your personality.

• Enable you to evoke rapid response: Video and audio are usually viewed without delay while regular print text can often remain in an e-mail mailbox for several weeks, if it's seen at all.

• To be able to convey a better story: Video and audio provide your company a singular chance to show rather than tell – anyone acquainted with superior storytelling strategies and marketing is familiar with the old adage, “Show, don’t tell”.

• To be able to dodge duplicate content issues: Duplicate content limits trouble online company owners. Duplicate content issues basically do not exist yet with video and audio, and both types continue to help to enhance search engine ranking.

• A chance to without difficulty make use of new content on a regular basis. To keep an excellent page rank with the search engines, webmasters have to repeatedly add fresh content to their webpages. Unfortunately, producing brand new content on a regular basis turns into a struggle for most people, particularly when it’s a small online business and you’re wearing numerous hats.

• The ability to seize the awareness of one's visitors in a entirely fresh way. But if your target market happens to be accustomed to print, then video and audio would probably light a fire under them again and inspire action.

• Google is definitely featuring a lot more videos in the search results.

• Creating a video is often rather reasonably priced and posting it is free of charge.

• To be able to get others market for you. The majority of video sharing providers, such as YouTube, include several tools to help people spread the word. Think about it, others in reality market your videos for you.

• You have a reduced amount of competition. Most people advertise their web sites utilizing the written word, yet just a tiny fraction of them take advantage of videos; so the competition is a lot less brutal.

• Video online communities are usually considerably more dynamic in comparison with article communities. It's not unheard of to put up a video on YouTube and have 1,000 responses inside of a month!

According to a Marketing Sherpa document on Marketing with Video, published January 2009, 57% of entrepreneurs that have used video for marketing purposes are happy with the outcome.

They report a rise in sales and profits, list size, web site use, and better client relations.

In the world of online commerce, that’s what it is about.

This is just what most people strive for and when somthing like video and audio comes around, it makes sense to be able to benefit from it to enhance your organization.

Technology utilizing audio and video content, tell amazing stories.

Like no other medium, it permits organizations to connect with their prospects on a totally different level.

Designed to aid organization proprietors accomplish increased profits through video and audio content, audio and video help a company to reach their target audience in a way which no other medium provides.

What other tool supplies your target audience a view inside of your company – who is managing it, what its personality is and, in addition, how it will offer a benefit and a means to fix their particular problems, or a way to fulfill their wishes?

Video gives your small business, and you, a voice and it provides the target audience a personality to connect with.

Excellent content along with being liked really encourage purchasing behavior.

Video Induces Sharing and Interactivity

Let us consider Web 2.0 for a moment.

Web 2.0, is synonymous with the change online from a one way street to a two way street.

Instead of the target audience just being the recipient of information on the web, they now participate in it.

They make information, they share it and they coomunicate back.

Video meshes tremendously well with this way.

If YouTube demonstrates anything at all, it shows that people love to share videos that they feel is both amusing as well as instructive.

They forward videos using their mobile phone, via e-mail and in many cases forward links verbally.

Great videos are frequently water cooler talk and wonderful audio and video products are recommended to friends and associates.

The craze for sharing and interacting with entrepreneurs that employ video and audio is so strong that there are a variety of widgets available to help the task and, of course, to monitor the information for advertising purposes.

Popular media sites like CNN as well as Forbes provide widgets for viewers to be able to get so that they have access to the most current and well-known videos.

This supplies site visitors instant access to knowledge.

They can vote, comment, or forward the hyperlinks, every one of which increase targeted traffic and create a subscription base.

In an article published in Business Week, Peter Yarad is quoted as saying "instead of simply trying to build brand awareness, marketers now have the ability to reach out to customers with useful features to enhance their personalized experience.”

Social media websites like Facebook also offer a large number of user created widgets all designed to increase spreading of videos and other content.

Video marketing has the potential to quickly become the most successful technique in your online marketing strategy.

It can be relatively low-cost to produce and give you a huge return on your investment.

Typically, some strategic tagging and SEO guarantees your video reaches your target audience and the viral nature of video takes over, increasing your reach and recognition.


Video marketing is known as a great advertising tool.

It gives you an unparalleled opportunity to communicate with your clients in an exceedingly individual way.

It helps brand your small business and it is far and away the most digestible content format online.

It is also the most commonly shared, which makes it an incredible viral medium.

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