Virgo (August 23 – September 23) is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. This sign is one of the most picky, exact, demanding and critical. They are perfectionist and only go for the best that exists. Hanging in between is not their cup of tea, but being exact is. With high attention paid to detail, they like making others happy and serving them. Helping and serving others gives them the utmost happiness. Precision, methodical, accurate, efficient, helpful are some of the words that could be used to describe their personality. Even thought they are criticised for being so possessive about exactness, they are highly adored for be loving and caring. With a high sense of duty they never fail to complete their tasks and be responsible towards their actions. Running away from their responsibility isn’t something that is inherent to them. They strive to work for the great good of people and humanity and make this world a better place to live for everybody. They are highly modest and humane people who strive for peace and prosperity for everyone.

Virgos are symbolically represented by the Virgin and hence they have the qualities of modesty, sincerity and nobility. They are practical and logical and are very good in paying attention to minute details. This makes them great investigators, detectives and researchers. It is very difficult for them to leave anything without assessing all the aspects of it, hence there will be very little chances of missing out any important details. Whether at work or at home, they are the ones to be trusted with any kind of work for they will never leave it unfinished or abandon it midway. They not only complete their work but finish it with high precision and perfection. Their work is a paradigm of perfection. They are balanced, just and fair in their dealings and will never cheat or let people down who have put their trust on them. So they are the ones who can be trusted blindly.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury who was a god in ancient Mythology, known for his strong indomitable energy, both physically and mentally. These characteristics are inherent in them. They do not stick to one place for long and love wandering about searching to quench their thirst for curiosity. They love exploring and expanding. With a strong mental capacity and good communication skills, they can dominate any scene or situation and complete their task with ease. Sometimes they overburden themselves when they possessively pursue something. Sometimes over thinking might lead them to scepticism but they are very skilled in controlling their tempers. They take a lot of time to analyze anything before they jump to conclusions or plunge into a relationship. They are great listeners and can be a comfortable shoulder to cry on when you need someone to listen to your sorrows and problems. They are very down to earth people and have no pride or ego in them, however sometimes can also be too sensible and nervous. They are great people to be around with.

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Pt. Narayan Bhatt is vedic Astrologer at OmAstrology web portal.