Consumer market has become active, and within these modifications it has become necessary for contact centers to reply promptly in order to be efficient in offering help to their clients, and to preserve them also. Contact centers are required to offer help within this structure and in agreement with customer requirements. In order to control great volume of customers placed at different places, virtual call centers have been established to meet client demands and for immense competence while reducing cost. To fulfill such criteria, contact centers should apply specialized software, which leaves larger benefits of having customer needs to be routed to the right agent having the specific skill.

In the dynamic consumer situation, contact centers need to cater for multi-channel selling. Virtual contact centers are set up with all latest tools and applications to give the most productive services to their customers. The virtual contact center software lets you to look into your available agent profiles, their skills, and the expected waiting time for each of the agents. By this the software pass on the calls coming in from your customers to the best expertise agent looking upon the requirement of the customer, while taking into account the awaiting period as programmed by you. If you have VIP customers, priority levels can also be set up in the system in order to reply such calls.

Immediately after the call ends up from a client, the virtual contact center software would check the database for the level priority of the client, and transfer the call to the proper agent considering the waiting period programmed. The software also offers filtering out of unwanted calls, and this could either be declined by the agent or also put in the database of the system for it to reject such calls automatically.

The virtual contact center software effectively handles situations where the agent might seek assistance from his supervisor, where the controller can provide advices to the agent discreetly by chitchat or whisper. The agent can take advantage of the various ranges of communication instruments made useable by the software program, for example, SMS, email, fax, voice mail, calls, etc. The moment the system replies to a client call, it starts out to send the call to a proper skilled agent. The software program supplies high level skills putting tool through which current agents or collection of agents together with their specific abilities are established at the initial stages. These abilities may be of any form, such as language, emails treatment, expert, juniors, web surfers contacts, etc. The ability levels are also set for each agent by levels starting from 1 to 10. The software works out a compromise depending upon the on hand proficient agents and their utmost awaiting times. If the conditions are such that the system predicts that it will not be able to transfer through the call to any specifically proficient agent within the utmost awaiting time determined by you, it would propose to the caller an overflow solution, the one you had preferred to be pre-defined.

There are many other advantages offered by virtual call center software which helps the contact center to save cost, help their clients with very less awaiting period, and pass particular customer calls to the proper agent having the specific skill set.

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