When you are new to walking 10K steps/day, finding locations to reach this daily goal can seem overwhelming. So here is a checklist for where you can walk hundreds or thousands of steps at a time toward your goal.

[_] Walk in a shopping mall. Granted, you probably cannot do this every day, unless you work in or near a shopping mall. But this can be a great weekend activity (no matter when your weekend is) for reaching your goal.

[_] Walk around your office building. Granted, you may not work in an office building, or you may be retired. But you get the idea: Find some time (perhaps during lunch) to walk around your work -- or volunteer -- location.

[_] Walk around your neighborhood. This can be a natural for you -- before work, after work, on weekends, or any of the above.

[_] Walk in a park. When is the last time that you did this? Try it again; you might be surprised at what you have been missing!

[_] Walk to the grocery store. If you are fortunate enough to live within twenty minutes of your grocery store, and if you do not need a full basket of groceries, then this can be an excellent way to walk up to forty minutes toward your daily goal.

[_] Walk in your living room during TV commercials. Okay, so this might not be very exciting. And this certainly will contribute very little time per commercial toward your goal. But you might be surprised at just how many commercials you watch in any given day. Added together, these 30-seconds to two-minutes chunks of time could make a healthy contribution toward your daily goal. And you might decide to forgo some TV watching altogether and go out for another walk instead!

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