The Kegelmaster changes the lives of the women who use it. Dr. Arnold Kegel proved the value of pelvic muscle exercise in the 1940's, but his original message got "lost". A $19 billion incontinence industry has since arisen and conveniently forgets to mention that originally "kegels" had to be performed with a vaginal probe called a perineometer to be successful.

The Kegelmaster is an ingenious progressive resistance exerciser which isolates and exercises the correct pelvic floor muscles with basic dynamic resistance exercise, far surpassing conventional "kegels" at their best. The benefits to women are off the charts. We absolutely guarantee it will cure and certainly prevent most "garden variety" stress and urge incontinence. When the pelvic muscles have been damaged (stretched) by natural childbirth the bladder can begin to sag, changing the angle of the bladder, and the urethra (the canal through which urine flows out of the body). Due to estrogen loss, this problem gets worse with age. When it occurs the integrity of the bladder neck "seal" is not always maintained under the "stress" of lifting a heavy object. sneezing, coughing, running, laughing, etc. or with the "urge" of a filling bladder and this is when an accident (incontinence) occurs.

Fortunately these muscles respond wonderfully to the progressive resistance exercise that the Kegelmaster provides.

It is an uncontroverted medical fact that stronger more toned PC (kegel) muscles enable a woman to have a much better sex life as well. It makes her dramatically "tighter"
and more orgasmic.

The Kegelmaster is incredibly easy to use and unlike any other exercise is actually pleasurable. One user called it "the most relaxing exercise I've ever done."

The company (Kegelmaster WorldWide) stands totally behind the product, offering free unlimited customer support via an 800 number and email. The Kegelmaster comes with an unconditional 100% moneyback guarantee. It costs $79.95 + $6.00 shipping. To order log on to or call. 1(800)523-4430. You will not be dealing with anonymous operators, but with people who have had 1st or second hand experience with the product and know more about it and care more about your success with the Kegelmaster than anyone on earth!

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I personally became involved with the Kegelmaster after it cured my Mom's (she's in her early 70's) urge incontinence. A few weeks later her sister cured her stress incontinence with the Kegelmaster Shortly after that my girlfriend's mom was able to cancel scheduled surgery for incontinence as a result of using the Kegelmaster. I knew I wanted to make spreading the word about this wonderful product my life's work. It occurs to me that this ingenious product may sound too good to be true. All I can say is take your investigation to a logical conclusion and if you're skeptical please go to our website: We offer complete documentation through references on our "health benefits" page. The Kegelmaster changes the lives of every woman who uses it. Our website is a member of Netcheck-The Internet Commerce Bureau.