Wasps can be swarming all over the place during spring and summer. These little insects can even call up the gang for a feast in your household kitchen although there are many other things that can trigger their visit. Nonetheless, you can always keep your house away from these predators. There are many things that you should know about wasps such as dangers of wasp infestation, causes of wasp infestation, prevention of wasp infestation, wasp infestation control, and wasp infestation remedies. This way, you won’t rush to hide under the table the next time you see some troops of European wasps coming.

Dangers of Wasp Infestation

Although these are little insects that you can simply slap dead. Trust me you would not decide to do so. Slapping wasps may squeeze out the pheromones in their body that can signal some wasps nearby for backup. The chemical substance can alert their fellow species to come for vengeance. Unfortunately, it might just provoke the colony dwelling close for a serious wasp attack. Of course, you wouldn’t like getting slapped by a hundred of them up for vengeance, in turn.

Just like bees, wasps can give off a sting. They are also armed with dangerous stingers for self-defense. Consequently, wasps have been popular in giving off the most painful sting among others. What is more terrifying is that the stinger is further armed with venom making it even more poisonous.

The injected substance can cause an allergic reaction that can ultimately cause death when treatment has not been promptly administered. Too bad, such toxins can be easily spread into the system through the bloodstream.

Causes of Wasp Infestation

More often than not, wasp infestation is attributed to a nearby food source such as biodegradable garbage scattered in the yard. In summer, these insects are protein scavengers so you may see them swarming on decaying animals, manure, and some other rotten trash.

At the end of the season though, they are likely to look for carbohydrates such as those from fallen fruits at the backyard or sugary delights on the kitchen that smells sweet. Either way, you may want to dispose of these possible baits properly.

Flowers may also allure these insects hence you may find them gathering in the garden. Aside from the fact that they feed on sweet nectars, wasps are also attracted to bright hues. Other than that, these insects are also attracted to floral patterns whether or not these are found on actual flowers. That means they may come swarming on your floral curtain one fine day.

Wasp infestation might also be triggered by their newfound home nearby. These insects might have built their nest up on roof spaces or perhaps airborne hanging on the tree. If it’s the ultimate reason why they hang out frequently in your place, you might want to get rid of the nest immediately. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the colony in all four seasons of the year.

Ways to Prevent Wasp Infestation

Keeping the surroundings clean and orderly is one way to prevent wasp infestation. Most likely, these insects are initially attracted to mess whether starchy leftovers or rotten ones. Sure, you are better off keeping those trashes sealed in the garbage bag for good. Proper waste management is the key to finally get rid of wasps and other pests around. Besides, it’s a desirable household practice that your family should observe.

To keep them away from your family, you can get your house sealed with screen especially on possible entrance spots. In case you already have those window screens, you may want to check some holes in window frames. Any little opening can be an opportunity for a wasp visit so you have to be very vigilant. One single wasp may easily invite the entire colony to settle down.

Wasp Infestation Control

There are simple DIY wasp traps that you can make such as water containers. All you have to do is simply place a mixture of dish soap and water into those containers along with the bait. Colored water traps work great in alluring these insects directly into the water where they can get drowned. There are also commercial anti-wasp items that can scare them away, such as the Waspinator.

Aside from wasp traps, you can directly exterminate these wasps using wasp removal pesticides. There are anti-wasp projectile aerosols that you can easily spray on aerial paper wasp nest to kill wasp dwellers, specifically the queen.

In the case of underground wasp nests, you can make use of non-projectile aerosol variants that can effectively spread the poison. For wall nests, pesticide dust can do the trick using some special duster. Pesticides are toxic products so you might want to observe utmost caution in using any of them, though.

Wasp Infestation Remedies

Wasp nest removal is the best remedy to keep these insects away. The good news is that you don’t have to get yourself some special gears in removing insect hubs. Suit yourself with a turtle neck top along with denim jeans to stay protected against painful stings. To cover your face, you can put on a screened mask coupled with protective headgear. Take the nest away by slipping the hub into some sort of sealed container. Instead of setting it on fire, you might want to put the same into the freezer. Extreme cold can definitely kill them. Most importantly, you should do the hunt at night.

If the situation gets out of control, you can call Bee and Wasp Control Brisbane professionals for back up. There are pest control teams that can reach you as soon as possible. These are comprised of trained professionals that can exterminate wasps for good. Yes, they can handle the situation quickly and easily using their special device and equipment such as the microencapsulated bait. The money spent on the service is absolutely worth it.

Wasp infestation can be tough particularly when you are dealing with the entire colony. However, you can always do away with this unlikely pest attack given these useful pieces of information about wasp infestation dangers, causes, prevention, control, and remedies. Get your family home wasp-free with these reliable tips.

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