Vidmate app has 600 million active user base around the globe, and the reason for which the application has such a vaster number of users that are using the app for movie and song download is the quality and speed. The application supports the downloading of videos, songs, and movies in various HD, Full HD, or UHD, which most of the other downloading apps not supports. The app is well developed and has no bugs, which provides seem less experience while using it for downloading. It has in-built support of several languages to provide the content to a user on the basis of their choice.

Live TV

Vidmate app has an amazing feature of Live TV, which has native support of two hundred plus channels in the present, and the content in the application is defined on the region basis. It also has a feature that lets the movie to watch in different online streaming quality. That saves the internet data and the battery life of a Smartphone. The application is officially launched for the Android operating system, and because of its elegant features, it's still the number one preference of any user that loves to download the movies via these kinds of applications.

Secondly, by registering with the application, a user can control the history and downloaded content from the app. To do this, they have to provide the app with an E-mail address of them, which will be kept anonymous for privacy concerns. All the websites, streaming platforms, apps stores that are listed on it are safe as well as best in class.

Similarly, using the app for downloading the songs is the best part of considering it. As it provides the user to download the song in one-click from any of the online streaming platforms or websites like-YouTube. All the services of this application are free to use, and it can easily be downloaded via 9apps store website.

• Different categories of movies
• Easy reach to millions of songs
• URL bookmark support
• Free games download

One app for all

Considering vidmate itself a small part of multiple multi-media downloading websites cannot be wrong because a user can access content in the segment of multi-media via this application. It has all the support of movie resolutions and the KBPS for the songs which a normal website may not have. The streaming feature of the application is on another level. As it plays all the movies and songs in several formats of high definition in less consumption of data. Apart from that, it also has access to all the exclusive movies, TV shows of a region selected in the app. Want to know more about vidmate app? Visit to get more information.

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