My passion, as we Brits call it, is football. In my youth, I loved to play and I still try to go see as many games as I can. The pinnacle of the British game is the Football Associate Cup Final, or FA Cup Final, as it is more commonly known, which is played at Wembley Stadium.

A few years ago, the old stadium was torn down and a new and better terrain was built. This new field was to be a shining example of modern stadiums, designed to give fans a much better experience than the old 'Twin Towers' as Wembley was traditionally known. However, it was over budget and expired, there were many problems to overcome before the new terrain was finally completed. Not exactly a good sign for British construction, especially as London will host the 2012 Olympics.

So was it worth the wait? For sheer looks, Britain now has a sleek and modern stadium. The giant arch has become an icon of the city. However, it doesn't make people gasp, it just does its job. It provides fans with comfortable seats with plenty of leg room and unobstructed, unobstructed views of the field to watch any game, and perhaps most importantly ... more restrooms.

There have been negative comments about the price of tickets, the cost of food, drinks and programs. For an average family, going to see the Cup final will cost a small fortune. Many people comment that the grounds have been designed to cater more to corporate guests than to true fans.

But the field has received a lot of criticism about its playing surface. The grass is cut too easily, and this has been featured on television several times, not exactly what you want to see from the playing surface of the National Stadiums. The pitch has been repaved several times, but it still continues to be cut very easily. This generates complaints and criticism from the general public, deputies, government officials ... even the football players themselves.

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