When taking on criminal charges, your future and freedoms remain in jeopardy. You need legal expertise to either reduce your punishments or defend your innocence. It's easy to find any attorney, but finding the absolute best criminal defense lawyers is a difficult job. There are various factors to think about before deciding on which St Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney to choose.

Look Into Local Law Firms

Make a quick google search for a law firm in your area and after that assess their options. Law Firms tend only to hire lawyers that have
exceptional expertise, and they're even more reliable than solo lawyers. You'll avoid unreliable time wasters and find experts who strive for results.

Any legitimate lawyer will have a well-made website with an abundance of information on their attorneys and services.

Law Firm Size

Make certain that the law firm has decades worth of experience in St Petersburg and is respected by the local law community. You need a criminal defense lawyer that has strong relationships with the appropriate people and the resources to prepare your defense thoroughly. Don't make the mistake of choosing an unreliable law office that cuts corners.

Areas of Expertise

The very best chance of a successful defense will come from a criminal defense attorney who concentrates on the crime you've been charged with. Explore their website and see if they cover your crime, and if needed find out about their previous experience. For example, if you've been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), then they'll often have a whole website page dedicated to it.

Accolades and Rankings

How is the lawyer that you're considering rated? Have they been named a "Super Lawyer" or given a 10 rating on Avvo.com? Any elite Criminal Defense Attorney will be highly respected in the community. You shouldn't settle for less.

Expertise in Your County

If you would like to find the very best attorney for your case, then you need someone who is familiar with the judges and laws of your state and county. Each state's laws vary with every crime, so you need someone who knows every tiny detail of the law.

Check Reviews and Archives

It doesn't take 5 minutes to make a quick browse for reviews about the attorney you're considering. You can also learn a lot from searching their name in the news section; you might find they worked on a high profile case with great success, or you may see negative news that can warn you about their flaws.

Ask Them Most Important Questions

  • How familiar are you with my crime?
  • How much time have you been operating in criminal law?
  • How frequently do you appear in the courthouse where my case will be handled?
  • What is your success rate?
  • Are you a member with any bar associations or other organizations?
  • What are my chances of a successful defense?

Ask Yourself Questions

If you're still unsure after prospecting various attorneys, then ask yourself the following:

  • Which attorney has the most knowledge in my crime's area?
  • Which one seemed most on my side?
  • Which attorney's legal fees seemed reasonable?
  • Which Lawyer seems most experienced?

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